Illegal Airbnb listings offering short stays in Singapore removed from platform

Illegal Airbnb listings offering short stays in Singapore removed from platform

After being questioned by CNA, two different hosts even removed their entries.

When CNA inquired about a host named Hayley after she had invited this reporter to book her three-night stay at Mayfair Modern, she claimed she “actually did n’t know” it was against the law to offer such short stays in Singapore.

Hayley eventually removed her list and said she would otherwise look for long-term tenants.

Bookings for a few nights at her product at Car Residences in River Valley were permitted by another listing from a sponsor named Rebecca.

When questioned, she apologised and said it was never for brief- word remains. She eventually removed the list, which had two reviews from previous customers.

She had deactivated her report after a search on Tuesday.

The ads on online systems “may give an indication that some personal properties are being misused,” according to URA’s previous statement to CNA.

If studies reveal that these characteristics have been abused, it added that it would taking action.

Although those ads were taken down, there were still a couple who offered stays in what appeared to be condominiums. Some of them might get reserved for a few times.

Visitors listing gets in resorts or other serviced apartments must give licenses and authorizations with Airbnb. They must check whether the license statistics and authorizations they’ve provided are legitimate.

If they do n’t, they must shift the minimum number of nights for condominium units to 92. &nbsp,

Airbnb, which is a legitimate program in Singapore, does not allow having in HDB flats.