Don’t give to beggars, Varawut says

Don’t give to beggars, Varawut says

Minister says some city beggars earn as much as B100, 000 a fortnight

Don’t give to beggars, Varawut says
A person at the Victory Monument in Bangkok offers funds to a man. ( Photo: Apichit Jinakul )

Minister of Social Development and Human Security, Varawut Silpa-archa, has urged people to stop giving cash to beggars because they are becoming more prevalent, with some earning close to 100, 000 baht per month.

Mr. Varawut stated on Tuesday that his government has been collaborating with a number of organizations, including the Royal Thai Police and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, to combat praying.

According to him, government officials conduct washes five times a quarter to apprehend beggars on the streets. &nbsp,

Thai orphans are sent to a ministry-run home for the homeless, where they receive career training and are encouraged to find employment, according to Mr. Varawut, while arrested international beggars are deported back to their home countries.

He added that the government has learned that some earlier detained beggars go back to the streets because their earnings are much higher than their charges.

The Beggar Control Act BE 2559 ( 2016 ) states the punishment for begging can be up to one- month imprisonment and/or a fine of up to 10, 000 baht.

According to Mr. Varawut, the majority of their income comes from visitors or the general public, adding that many gypsies have pets or children with them.

Any man who is discovered with a baby may be looked into to determine whether they are related to the child. If no, they may face legal action, he said.

The secretary also said that about 7, 000 beggars have been caught over the last 10 years, and 30 % of that number were unusual.

” I’d like to request for people’s participation in stopping giving to these beggars because they keep coming back and are getting more and more people,” he said. &nbsp,

When questioned about their money, Mr. Varawut responded that there was no assurance, but that they typically receive a bunch from foreign guests during the high season. Some of them make roughly 100, 000 ringgit in a fortnight, he said.