‘I envy young men and women’: PM Lee believes youths today start from a better position than past generations

'I envy young men and women': PM Lee believes youths today start from a better position than past generations


Mr. Lee said it is crucial for today’s youth to understand that they are starting from a higher level than the previous decades when it comes to advancing and progressing in life. &nbsp,

Earlier generations underwent rapid growth as they went from” next world to initial”, which was an “exhilarating trip” that saw some become very effective, said Mr Lee. &nbsp,

For instance, Singaporeans might have started their journey to home equity with a three-bedroom apartment before moving on to an administrative apartment or private residence. &nbsp,

In comparison, Mr Lee said that today’s youths may begin with a four- area or five- room straight, and in some cases a condominium. &nbsp,

You are moving forward at a higher level, with better living conditions, as well as a higher standard, according to Mr. Lee. &nbsp,

” Can you take it higher? Answer is yes. You came very quickly from here to here and are not going backwards, but it wo n’t improve as much as it did before.”

Mr. Lee claimed that young people may get upgrading more slowly but that if they continue to “work at it,” they could continue to advance. &nbsp,

In response to a question about how to persuade young people to consider other factors than their financial and material increases, Mr. Lee questioned how the government could persuade them to acquire the “quality of living” as well, rather than just the type of property they reside in.

Mr. Lee claimed that this was unusual for rental apartments of the past to accommodate between five and ten individuals.

Although it might be more challenging for young people today to move from public housing to personal property, Mr. Lee said the surrounding features ensure a high standard of living no matter where they reside. &nbsp,

” I believe you can have a really high quality of life in Singapore, and close to, if not better than almost every other major city in the world,” said Mr. Lee, referring to the features, links, social setting in the neighborhood that we have built up.

He noted that Singapore’s just possible drawback is having “decompress room,” similar to how those employed in Manhattan in New York is traveling eastern to unwind.

” There is no northern Singapore, because all of Singapore is very established. However, our neighbors are close by. There are lengthy traffic jams on the Causeway on the weekends because so many Singaporeans go. he said. &nbsp,

He claimed that the future RTS Link between Singapore and Johor Bahru will “improve things.”