House passes landmark marriage equality bill

House passes landmark marriage equality bill

Thailand would only be the second country in Asia to recognize same-sex organisations.

House passes landmark marriage equality bill
A few and their spouses sign up for a relationship at a party held by the Dusit region in Bangkok to honor Valentine’s Day in February 2023. Who advocates for same-sex weddings and other legal marriages keeps the licenses of LGBTQ lovers on file as evidence. ( Photo: Pattarapong Chatpattarasill )

In its final checking on Wednesday, the House of Representatives approved a union equality bill, a historic step that will allow the nation to become the next nation in Asia to legalize same-sex unions.

Before it becomes laws, which is anticipated later this year, the costs needs approval from the Senate and aristocratic support. All major events ‘ interests were represented in the bill, and 400 of the 415 politicians present, out of which 10 voted against it, supported it.

Danuphorn Punnakanta, a Pheu Thai listing- MP and president of the political commission on the document costs, said,” We did this for all Thai people to lower gap in society and start creating equality.

” I want to ask you all to produce history”, he told other lawmakers.

The moving of the bill marks a major step towards cementing Thailand’s position as one of Asia’s most progressive societies on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues, with openness and complimentary- riding attitudes coexisting with standard, traditional Buddhist values.

Thailand has long been a draw for similar- sex couples, with a lively LGBT cultural scene for locals and expatriates, and precise campaigns to get LGBT travellers.

The costs may take effect within 120 times of royal assent. Thailand would join Taiwan and Nepal as the first nations in Asia to legalize same-sex organisations.

More than a decade has passed since the bill’s creation, with difficulties brought on by political upheaval and disagreements regarding the best ways to approach it and what should be.

The Constitutional Court ruled in 2020 that the current wedding law, which merely recognises heterosexual couples, was legal, recommending policy be expanded to guarantee rights of another genders.

In the first reading, the Parliament voted in favor of four different draft bills on same-sex marriage and assigned a committee to work through them all into one draft.

The bills propose redefining the definitions of 68 Civil and Commercial Code provisions to ensure gender equality and diversity.