Tourist vans brawl and crash outside Pattaya pub

Tourist vans brawl and crash outside Pattaya pub

Tourist vans brawl and crash outside Pattaya pub
A picture that shows three tourists traveling in intentional collisions with other vehicles in Pattaya early on Tuesday night shows the latter being a late-night entertainment venue. ( Screenshot )

At least one person was hurt in the willful crashes involving pleasure vans carrying Chinese visitors in front of a Pattaya pub early on Tuesday morning.

Pattaya police captain Pol Col Nawin Theerawit announced on Wednesday that criminals may face charges of attempted murder and physical abuse causing serious injuries in relation to the incident.

The police captain claimed that car owners had purposefully collided with each other. Three cars were involved. One man suffered a broken head, he said.

After the enjoyment venue’s closing hours, Chinese visitors had arrived, according to Pol Col Nawin, and the soldiers had advised the late visitors to leave. The name of the restaurant was withheld.

The frustrated customers therefore called friends, who were athletes, to the amusement facility.

After they arrived, a fight broke out that led to the willful car collisions that were documented in a film that was posted online, according to Pol Col Nawin.

Pattaya police did throw charges based solely on the proof, he said.

Two Toyota Alphard trailers and a Toyota Fortuner are depicted in the 2-minute video tape.

A police officer is seen in the video requesting assistance and reporting a gentleman who had been hurt was stranded beneath a car.