Hong Kong matches record for hottest summer solstice

Hong Kong set a record for the hottest summer solstice on Friday ( Jun 21 ), as a subtropical ridge pushed temperatures up 34 degrees Celsius.

According to the state’s climate observatory,” the highest temperature recorded at the station was 34C, which is the highest temperature this year,” surpassing the record high for the summer solstice set in 1980.

Last year, the Chinese economic hub experienced its hottest summers ever, with the average temperature reaching 29.7C in August.

Following 2018, all three of Hong Kong’s three coolest years were recorded.

Experts predict that due to human-induced climate change, intense heat will increase in frequency and intensity around the world.

Health officials urged the government to drink plenty of water and get precautions to prevent sunstroke after the station issued its “very warm climate” warning on Friday.

Authorities stated that they will continue to operate 19 momentary steam homes for people who want to spend the night.

Hong Kong has made a new effort to alleviate staff ‘ heat stress, but it has stopped short of enacting legal protection.

Heatstroke is not a work-related damage that the city’s laws include, and activists claim that government data undercount the number of workers who have died from the disease.