Police urged to reveal probe results

MP says people never satisfied with mere statement of ignored chief’s reinstatement

Police urged to reveal probe results
The open wants more information about the investigation into the police force’s unrest, according to Democratic MP Chaichana Detdecho, chairman of the House Committee on Police Affairs. ( Photo: Apichart Jinakul )

The results of the investigation into the fight between Torsak Sukvilimol, the head of the national authorities, and Pol Gen Surachate” Big Joke” Hakparn, one of his deputies, were requested by the House Committee on Police Affairs on Friday.

Wissanu Krea- ngam, a constitutional adviser to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, announced Pol Gen Torsak’s restoration as chief on Thursday. Despite the information, a authorities source said that no information, including the actual date of Pol Gen Torsak’s returning, have been announced however.

Democrat MP Chaichana Detdecho, the chairman of the committee, said that the news on Thursday covered simply Pol Gen Torsak’s restoration, leaving many individuals with more questions than answers.

When Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin placed an order for Pol Gen Surachate’s disqualification in April, he made it clear that the inquiry would not be done in the name of any relevant criminal allegations.

” Both officers were transferred to the Prime Minister’s Office to keep the organisation”, Mr Chaichana said, referring to Mr Srettha’s move in March to remove a big distraction that had been affecting the police force.

With that said, Mr Chaichana demanded that the analytical commission, chaired by Pol Gen Winai Thongsong and Chatchai Promlert, publicise its results, even if the findings are not convincing.

” The people wants to know more about the satellite’s results than simply Pol Gen Torsak’s reinstatement”, he said.

Mr Srettha, meanwhile, said he wanted to read the order]to reinstate Pol Gen Torsak ] before it was publicised.

When asked about the police’s deteriorating status, the prime minister said like disputes had been occurring for a long time and that he had made every effort to end them, but it would take time to regain the public’s trust.

Pol Gen Torsak was reportedly absent from work on Friday despite the public’s expectations of his coming back to work, according to a police cause.

Since Pol Gen Torsak’s neglected retirement, deputy national main Kitrat Phanphet has been in charge acting.

Last September, Pol Gen Torsak and Pol Gen Surachate had harsh rivalries for the mayor’s place. The work was given to Pol Gen Torsak, whose nephew is Lord Chamberlain and Crown Property Bureau mind. He is scheduled to leave on September 30.