Woman cheated of S$4,000 in fake gold ingot scam, 3 men arrested

SINGAPORE: Three men have been arrested for allegedly using fake gold ingots to cheat a woman of S$ 4, 000 ( US$ 2, 900 ), police said on Friday ( Jun 21 ).

On Wednesday, around 3.15 p.m., a girl was allegedly duped into paying her money after two men gave her the golden ingots for” safekeeping.”

The target claimed at around 1pm on Wednesday that they had discovered gold ingots during an excavation at an undisclosed location in Singapore, according to preliminary investigations that two men approached her on Tras Street.

The men claimed that they wanted to return the silver ingots to China but were unaware of the legal procedure. They finally offered the silver ingots to the target for” safekeeping” in exchange for cash as security.

A little gold ingot and a document in Chinese writing that resembled an old will were also produced by the men, according to the police.

The victim took the two males to a smith purchase along Eu Tong Sen Street to check the integrity of the tiny gold aluminum. The item was verified to be true.

The two guys then returned the real gold ingot to the sufferer, telling her to give S$ 4, 000 as security.

When the survivor returned to the same goldsmith shop to verify the various gold ingots, it was discovered that they were fake.

She called the police after realizing she had been duped and that the two gentlemen had left the area.

On Thursday, police located the two gentlemen and held them in Aliwal Street.

Additional inquiries also resulted in the arrest of an accomplice and the seizure of more items, including six gold-colored mini Buddha statues, plus more than 80 small gold-colored ingots, and a piece of paper with Taiwanese writings.

The three people, who are between the ages of 52 and 62, may face charges in court on Saturday for conspiring to lie.

If convicted, they may be jailed for up to 10 times and fined.