China bridge collapse kills 11 after torrential rains

a bridge collapsed in northern China on Saturday ( Jul 20 ), killing 11 people, according to the state news agency Xinhua. The gate in Shaanxi country’s Shangluo collapsed at around 8.40pm on Friday “due to a sudden rainstorm and display storms”, Xinhua said, citing the provincial public relationships office.Continue Reading

Hong Kong’s consumer watchdog apologises after Chinese brand Nongfu Spring hits back over its ‘excessive bromate’ claims

The products tested were “natural drinking water,” according to Nongfu Spring, and the ingredients on the test results table were” clearly marked as “natural water ( deep lake water )””. &nbsp,

However, in its assessment, the Consumer Council had placed Nongfu Spring’s goods under the “natural metal water” classification and compared it with different types of products, and assessed it based on EU “natural metal water” standards. &nbsp,

” Nongfu Spring’s ‘ natural drinking water ‘ products, even if adopting EU standards, should be evaluated against EU’s safety standards for” drinking water” and not” natural mineral water” standards”, the letter wrote. &nbsp,

The level of bromate if n’t exceed 10 grams per gallon, according to Union drinking water safety requirements.

The natural drinking water products from Nongfu Spring are” completely in accordance with drinking water safety standards in the regions above” ( contains bromate levels of ) 3 micrograms per litre ).

The organization added that due to the region’s laws, as its goods are produced and sold on the mainland and Hong Kong, are given precedence. &nbsp,

It claimed that the consumer watchdog “forcibly applied” third-party criteria that were inapplicable to goods sold in Hong Kong and did not take into account the manufacturing and engineering differences. &nbsp,

” The conclusion drawn ( by the Consumer Council ) was unscientific and unreasonable”, said Nongfu Spring. &nbsp,

It even claimed that the terminology used by the Consumer Council was “unprofessional” and had the “deliberate intention to mislead”. &nbsp,


In a statement on Thursday ( Jul 18 ), the Consumer Council said after a meeting with Nongfu Spring representatives, it has reclassified the company’s bottled water sample as&nbsp, “natural drinking water” &nbsp, and “re-scored the sample”. &nbsp,

The buyer protection organization claimed to have previously categorized the bottled water test from Nongfu Spring as “natural mineral water.”

The earlier categorization was based on the four different minerals listed on its product checklist, which was comparable to that of “natural nutrient water” and “natural drinking water,” according to the article.

According to the government, it understood that Nongfu Spring’s packaged water was no “natural metal water” nor “purified waters” but “natural having water”. &nbsp,

As just 3 grams per litre was within the collection of European Union’s requirements for formate, Nongfu Spring’s bottled water is safe to drink. After “re-scoring”, the trial also had its ranking raised from four and a half actors to five. &nbsp,

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‘New model for human civilisation’: What is so unique about China’s style of modernisation?

LOCAL Administrations

Another defining characteristic of China’s reform is the part of regional governments, which is noticeable in Suzhou.

Martinez noted:” Their active participation through industrial planning, and then the following development of high-end industries, creativity and innovation&nbsp, – these are all areas in which the regional governments, the city governments in China are greatly involved”.

One of China’s major industrial areas, Suzhou Industrial Park, specializes in producing cutting-edge software products while utilizing the state’s long history of producing premium consumer products.

Since the 14th century, the town in Jiangsu state has also been China’s leading manufacturer of silk&nbsp, – possibly the digital product of its time.


Some regional governments, which typically receive more than 40 % of their income from property sales, are now financially hampered after three years of an extraordinary housing market fall.

China also faces other challenges including adolescent poverty, an ageing population, and strong places wary of sharing systems with it.

According to Jin, China needs to resurrect its connection and capital markets as well as overhaul its economic system over the long run.

” Geopolitical tensions have taken a burden, but that has resulted in reorganization and a consider of globalization around the world,” she continued.

” I believe there is a tremendous potential to address some of the younger generation’s ability and education disparity,” he said.

Raymond Deng, a senior advisor to DBS China, stated that China needs to improve its systems and increase funding for businesses.

” In the 2008 financial crisis, many countries implemented quantitative easing, but for China, soon after 2008, we started quietly soaking up the extra money offer”, he added.

” So we do have the room and financial position to help build the key sectors that we need today when we need the stimulus,” he said.

China did exactly that to grow its current dominant electric vehicle industry. Punitive tariffs have also been brought in by the West, including the European Union and the United States.

With China having growth options, the effects of whatever it chooses may be felt everywhere and possibly even rebound backwards.

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