Hazardous waste Illegally buried in 5 provinces

Hazardous waste Illegally buried in 5 provinces

Hazardous waste Illegally buried in 5 provinces
Police discovered metal waste on Monday in the Ban Khai area of Rayong. ( Photo: Public Relations Office in Rayong )

Authorities are unearthing toxic waste dumped or buried improperly in Ayutthaya, Chon Buri, Nakhon Ratchasima, Phetchabun and Rayong regions, according to an assistant police chief.

Officers then have proof that two businesses, Win Process and Aek Uthai, had improperly buried business waste in the five provinces, according to Pol Lt Gen Thatchai Pitaneelabut, according to a statement from Thai PBS TV on Tuesday. Groups were locating and finding the waste.

He claimed that the businesses either rented stores in provinces to fraudulently business hazardous waste or had dumped the waste in trees and on farmland. Authorities were tracing the spare and would &nbsp, taking further legal action appropriately, he said.

In Ban Khai and Uthai districts in Rayong, toxic waste was discovered on Monday by police in Ayuthaya’s Uthai city.

Local residents in Rayong had complained to the government’s spare disposal division that had been buried it between 2013 and 2020. Authorities discovered aluminum waste, a byproduct of the aluminum melting process, on Monday in five of the six locations they had arbitrarily dug.

Police had previously pressed claims against 10 individuals, Pol Lt Gen Thatchai said.

The users appeared to have made successful proposals for the disposal of hazardous waste, but he claimed they had no purpose of doing so.

One of the defendants is Opas Boonchan, chairman of Win Process, who was arrested in Phetchabun late last month. The suspect was being detained in Rayong, according to the secretary federal police commander, and officers may continue to oppose his momentary release on parole.

He added that police were looking into whether the fire in Rayong&nbsp had also been purposefully set and that they were investigating fire in a blaze at a toxic waste center in Ayutthaya.