Indonesia’s Mt Ibu volcano erupts, spewing clouds of ash

Indonesia's Mt Ibu volcano erupts, spewing clouds of ash

JAKARTA: Indonesia’s Mount Ibu mountain erupted on Tuesday ( Jun 4), spewing heavy rows of grey dust 5km into the horizon, the geological company said, but there were no immediate reviews of emergency.

According to Heruningtyas Desi Purnamasari, an official from the PVMB company, the mountain on the eastern area of Halmahera erupted at 5:30 am for about two hours, and all actions were prohibited within seven kilometers of the volcano.

Heruningtyas explained that the mountain is most recently engaged because of an extreme magma movement, adding that its call status was at its highest level since May 16; this is because it has been there since May 16.

Following a smaller explosion on Monday, grey dust sprang into the clouds from the volcano in video captured by the company PVMB.

The BNPB catastrophe agency reported that they are the latest in a sequence since May that forced authorities to remove seven adjacent villages, but Tuesday’s incident prevented anyone from doing so.

Indonesia lies atop the so-called” Pacific Ring of Fire,” a region with great seismic activity where multiple tectonic plates converge.

Next month, the explosion of the Ruang mountain in North Sulawesi spewed light volcano, forcing the departure of more than 12, 000 people.

Inundated some nearby districts on May 11 due to heavy rain and a cold lava flow from Mount Marapi, one of the most energetic volcanoes in the province of West Sumatra, which caused more than 60 fatalities.