Govt speeds up help for fire victims

Govt speeds up help for fire victims

SCG to protect all settlement

Govt speeds up help for fire victims
Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, arrives at Government House on April 9. He claimed on Friday that the government is rushing aid to the patients and locals who were lost in a fire at a warehouse on Thursday in Rayong’s Map Ta Phut industrial area. ( Photo: Government House )

On Thursday, the state will dispatch more immediate assistance to the patients and locals who were directly impacted by the fire at a warehouse in Rayong’s Map Ta Phut commercial area.

A large pyrolysis gasoline ( pygas ) storage tank exploded at Map Ta Phut Tank Terminal at around 10:30 am, setting off the blaze.

In the southeast territory, SCG Chemicals Plc, a chemical division of Siam Cement Group (SCG), was shut down as a result of the incident.

A local cylinder, which contained a C9 hydrocarbon compound and a plastic pellet manufacturing solvent, was then affected by the fire’s spread, which produced enormous black smoke in the air. At 4.50 p.m., the hearth was contained.

A professional interface and storage facility at Map Ta Phut Port are home to the exploded container, which is sandwiched between several large tanks. The blog is intended to store both wet and liquid petrochemicals.

Four individuals, three people at the inventory and two rescuers, were injured during the event and were taken to facilities. Another man, Nopporn Ruenma, a 33- year- ancient staff of the inventory, died.

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, told the media on Friday that SCG may pay for all reimbursement while he had instructed Industry Minister Pimphattra Wichaikul to take care of people in the surrounding region.

When asked about protective measures, Mr. Srettha responded that he had once more stated that all industries were required to rigorously abide by fire control laws and set standards for dealing with them given the country’s sweltering climate.

He claimed that the crisis condition has now been ended.

The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand ( IEAT ) and the business, according to Ms. Pimphattra, had managed the fire. The heat may be maintained by spraying foamy and covering.

Under the supervision of the National Health Security Office ( NHSO ) and a faculty of allied health sciences member from Chulalongkorn University, affected residents have been moved to the Takuan Ao Pradu community in Rayong.

Water from two local sites has been tested, and there has been no chemical contaminants.

Air quality observations, measured at Takuan, Nong Suea Kuak and Map Ta Phut city facilities, found no pollution. The BTEX chemical compound, a group of benzene, toluene, alkanes, and xylene chemical compounds, and others, were found in trace amounts by the waste handle department. The stage was low, and breathing difficulties were not an issue.

The IEAT was instructed by Ms. Pimphattra to carefully observe all industrial property and port operations and strictly adhere to the Factory Act. She thanked all areas for their help and expressed her regrets to all residents.

Weerit Amrapal, the government of IEAT, stated that the organization will determine the incident’s cause and propose ways to prevent future bombs.

Additionally, it has been ordered to strengthen security measures in order to comply with standards for approach safety management.

Aimon Siangyai, chairman- standard of the Rights and Liberties Protection Department, said the home of the man who was killed in the event is available for 110, 000 baht.

Up to 40, 000 baht of medical expenses, up to 20 000 baht of restoration expenses, guaranteed compensation settlement based on a daily maximum rate for up to a year, and various amounts of payment equal to 50, 000 baht are provided for the injured victims under the Rights and Liberties Protection Act.

The Social Security Office’s ( SSO ) secretary-general, Boonsong Thapchaiyuth, stated that the SSO would pay 70 % of the injured’s wages while they are unable to work for a year.