Ploughing ceremony predicts abundance, prosperity

Ploughing ceremony predicts abundance, prosperity

Ploughing ceremony predicts abundance, prosperity
Monday, His Majesty the King presided over the Royal Ploughing Ceremony in Sanam Luang, accompanied by Her Majesty the Queen. Royal Household Bureau

Monday morning at the Royal Ploughing Ceremony in Bangkok, a full supply of food and water, a rise in international industry, and a rich economy were all predicted.

The country’s standard rice-growing season officially begins with the monthly service, which is presided over by Their Highnesses the King and Queen.

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, government officials, and the political army all attended the event.

The spiritual cattle decided to feed on grass and water this year, keeping with the forecast for plentiful waters. They even drank wine, which they have done for three times running. This is meant as a result of improved transportation and increased international trade, which will enable a successful economy in 2024.

Prayoon Insakul, continuous director for agriculture and partnerships, was the Lord of the Plough.

He chose a piece of folded cloth that had five kuebs ( roughly 125 centimeters ) to illustrate the prediction that there would be enough water and plentiful rice and food.

Crowds of people gathered at the ceremony to obtain rice grains that had been strewn all over the ground. The particles are said to bring good fortune and produce.

The Rice Department distributed two different sticky rice varieties to people attending the meeting and farmers ‘ members across the country for the year 2024, totaling 2, 743 kilos of rice particles.