Beach plot in Phuket open to everyone

Beach plot in Phuket open to everyone

172 ray in Layan, Le Phang go common

Beach plot in Phuket open to everyone

After the local authorities won a long-running court battle and just designated the region as people access, the area’s 172-rai plot of land on Le Phang and Layan beaches in Phuket’s Thalang area is now accessible to everyone.

According to a source with an estimated price of at least 40 billion baht, the two kilometers of beaches in tambon Choeng Thale are regarded as one of the most wonderful on the hotel isle.

A private firm claimed to be the owner of the land from the side of the road, which covered about 172 ray, in the past, making it impossible for tourists to visit them. However, the problem has been finalised and the coastlines are now available to all.

” Anyone found to be a part of encroaching on restricted area or using it for illicit purposes is subject to legal action.” Anutin Charnvirakul, interior minister, presided over the opening ceremony for the beaches ‘ opening ceremony, yesterday, announced that illegally occupied property would be seized as state property for the safety and security of the country.

” We have worked with all government agencies to make sure that both locals and tourists on the island are protected as well as the property. In the face of a growing number of visitors, the government does not bear foreigners or locals who profit from this abuse, he added.

Mr. Anutin stated that he had instructed his lieutenant, Chada Thaiset, to work with the administrators of neighboring provinces and the rulers of Phuket governors to increase law enforcement against offenders.

State agencies and private operators engaged in a nearly three-decade debate over the rights of the 172-rai story.

The Supreme Court originally decided in favor of the Phuket state in 2017. Improperly built components there were demolished second in 2018 and then in 2021 and 2022, said the governor.

The Choeng Thale Tambon Administrative Organization ( TAO ) wrote to the Thalang district chief in a letter requesting the land be designated a public area following the court’s ruling.

After discovering rows of horsetail trees ( Casuarina equisetifolia ) lining the beaches, the department prioritized conserving the area for public use in order to stop land exploitation, according to Director-general Pornpoth Penpas.

The state approved the move in 2002, and a formal notification was issued in 2003. But this was after challenged.

The regional government was granted a ruling by the Supreme Court and Supreme Administrative Court, which agreed that the property was reserved for the local authorities.

Its use, according to the office, should be reserved for the general public. The committee gave the motion its approval, and the Interior Minister gave it its approval next month.

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