Google to invest US$2 billion in data centre and cloud services in Malaysia

Google to invest US$2 billion in data centre and cloud services in Malaysia

The system of Alphabet announced on Thursday ( May 30 ) that Google will spend US$ 2 billion in Malaysia to build its primary data center and Google Cloud region. This is the latest in a series of growth by global tech companies into Southeast Asia.

The government claimed that the investment would help Malaysia advance its digital goals, and that local industry would gain from the advancement of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence ( AI ) capabilities.

With a fresh tech- experienced population of 670 million, Southeast Asia has been attracting plenty of interest and investment just from technology giants including Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia and Apple.

In Sime Darby Property’s Elmina Business Park in northern Selangor, Google announced in a speech that the sky area and information center would be located there.

The data heart did power services including Search, Maps and Workspace, and will help give AI services, while the fog center will provide services to local firms and public sector organisations, it said.

According to Google’s Chief Financial Officer,” Malaysia and Google are partnering to improve our shared work to create a friendly habitat for development and unlock the potential of modern transformation,” the statement read.

Next November, the authorities and Google announced a partnership aimed at accelerating development internally.

Other software companies have announced significant investments in the area. During a subsequent trip to the area, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed investments in cloud service for US$ 2.2 billion in Malaysia and US$ 1.7 billion in Indonesia.

In a US$ 4.3 billion investment deal, Malaysian company YTL’s resources system announced in December that it would work with Nvidia to create AI system.

Amazon has announced plans to invest US$ 9 billion in Singapore, US$ 5 billion in Thailand and$ 6 billion in Malaysia.