First COVID-19, now heat: Online schooling returns to the Philippines

First COVID-19, now heat: Online schooling returns to the Philippines

During the COVID- 19 pandemic, the Philippines experienced one of the longest class shutdowns in the world, which highlighted the learning gap faced by children from low-income families without computers or adequate digital access.

However, according to instructors and organizations, online lessons have become the safest option in the country of 115 million people because the majority of the country’s 115 million people are not equipped to deal with soaring heat and other severe weather.

In open schools in Metro Manila, the capital place, a study of more than 8, 000 professors last month showed 87 per cent of students had suffered from warmth- related conditions.

In the study conducted by the Alliance of Troubled Educators of the Philippines – National Capital Region (ACT- Region ), a training relationship, more than three-quarters of teachers described the temperature as “unbearable.”

Nearly half or 46 % of teachers claimed that only one or two electric fans are in use in classrooms to combat rising temperatures.

” The temperature had great impacts on children. Some individuals even collapsed inside rooms. Teachers suffered from the heat, to, but usually they had prioritise their students ‘ wellness inside classrooms”, Ruby Bernardo, spokesperson of ACT- NCR, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.