Rural India runs dry as thirsty megacity Mumbai sucks water

“UNSUSTAINABLE Costs” In a statement from July 2023, India’s government-run NITI Aayog public policy center forecasts a” steep decline in water supply by 2030.” Additionally, it issued a warning about “increasing water shortages, depleting water tables, and deteriorating tool excellent.” Groundwater tools “are being depleted at untenable costs”, it added,Continue Reading

Asia had highest number of premature deaths in the world for decades due to air pollution: NTU study


PM2.5 molecules can penetrate deeply into individuals ‘ breathing due to their tiny size, leading to health issues that particularly affect vulnerable groups like children, the elder, and those with respiratory conditions.

Additionally, long-term exposure to polluted air may cause heart disease, strokes, or even heart tumor, related to cigarette use.

According to the NTU research, PM2.5 pollution caused 49 million Chinese people’s unnecessary deaths. The number was 26.1 million in India.

Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Japan also recorded significant amounts of early deaths due to PM2.5 waste, ranging from 2 to 5 million each.

LKCMedicine professor Joseph Sung, who co- authored the investigation, noted:” We are seeing more and more people who have never been tobacco, especially females, that might get this illness and the trend seems to be rising over the past decades”.

Healthcare providers you better prepare for the possibility of more people seeking treatment for pollution-related illnesses by acknowledging these trends, said Professor Sung, who is also the school’s senior vice president of health and life science.

According to the study, a fourth of the unnecessary deaths that occurred between 1980 and 2020 were thought to be related to injury.

Another second were associated with ischemic heart disease, while the remainder were linked to COPD, lower lung diseases, and lung cancers.

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Smaller fish, bleached corals: Maldives hit by several threats from climate change

Coaching FOR Fishing

Due to climate change, the Indian Ocean’s lake surface temperatures have increased by 50 % faster than the average over the past 50 years. This causes fish to change their normal migration patterns, forcing them to migrate in cooler, deeper waters.

Sailors have also been forced to deal with more erratic wind patterns while sailing.

” The fishermen spend a lot of time at sea right now.” They spend about a week minimum out at sea”, said Maldives Fishermen’s Association director- public Abdulla Shakir Mohamed.

” So, if the sea is rough, if the weather is bad, then that will definitely ( pose ) problems ( for ) them returning back to the base or to their home island”.

The relationship works with thousands of fishermen, and teaches them necessary skills to overcome these difficulties.

These abilities, according to Mr. Abdulla, include the ability to gather and analyze data, as well as the ability to recognize various cloud types and weather patterns shifts.

He added that the training that was provided focused on how climate changes and how this affects smaller island communities.

In response to climate change, fishermen have learned to embrace green hunting techniques while relying on tech to chart a fresh program. However, these guardians of the ocean still take risks every day at sea.

” In the olden days, like maybe 10 years ago, during the season changes, everybody would go out to the reef ends where they ( could get a ) good number of animals”, Mr Ashfam lamented.

” Now, it’s been affected”.

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At least 15 dead in eastern India as temperatures soar

The city park in Delhi relies on lakes and extinguishers to provide comfort to its 1, 200 occupants, where higher temperatures have been making birds and wild monkeys faint or fall ill. Sanjeet Kumar, the zoo’s chairman, informed ANI that the summer management diet includes a more liquid meal asContinue Reading

At least 24 dead in eastern India as temperatures soar

The city park in Delhi relies on lakes and extinguishers to relieve its 1,200 occupants, where higher temperatures have been causing birds and wild monkeys to suffocate or become ill. Sanjeet Kumar, the zoo’s chairman, informed ANI that the summer management diet includes a more liquid meal as well asContinue Reading

India shuts schools as temperatures soar

NEW DELHI: Delhi’s authorities have mandated that schools close early for the summer holiday after the city’s capital was gripped by a” severe heatwave” and temperatures reached 47.4 degrees Celsius. According to a government order quoted by the Hindustan Times on Tuesday ( May 21 ), Delhi city officers askedContinue Reading