Jin Yinji on missing out on Best Supporting Actress at Star Awards 2024

Jin Yinji on missing out on Best Supporting Actress at Star Awards 2024

Veteran artist Jin Yinji had been commonly anticipated to get Best Supporting Actress before the Star Awards on April 21 for her heartfelt performance in Cash On Delivery. &nbsp,

So you can picture the 76- yr- old’s despair when she went present empty- handed. Aileen Tan received the award in the end for her vile role in SHERO.

When Yinji was onstage at the awards ceremony, when 8days caught up with her, she admitted to being disappointed by the horror damage, especially since she had been denied a nomination for a Major 10 Most Popular Female Artiste this year.

Her most recent success came in 2021 when she won the Best Evergreen Artist and Major 10 prizes.

” Before the Star Awards ceremony, my daughter told me not to acquire winning so seriously. That I received a nomination confirms that I am now a winner. I said fine, but in my heart, my objectives were high”, said Yinji.

I was hoping for a great effect when I appeared on a magazine’s cover and a few magazines named me the top choice. I yet prepared my embrace speech”.

Yinji has had to deal with the last six decades with nothing but hardship.

Anthony Lee, her father of 51 ages, passed away in October at the age of 85 from a heart attack at home.

” I was crying every day after his departure. However, when I learned that I had been chosen for Best Supporting Actress, it gave me a boost. Yinji gushed as her grief filled up,” It gave me something to look forward to.”

” Winning the award”, she said, “would help ( her ) get over the grief of ( her ) husband’s passing quicker”.

She even wanted to show her late husband and two grandchildren, her biggest followers, that she” also has what it takes to win prizes”.

Unfortunately, she’s taking the loss in her foot.

” I’ll work hard all the way up and try again the next day. After all, I have been waiting so long for an honor. I waited more than three decades before clinching my second Top 10 spot, compared to some of the artists who do so in a flash,” Yinji said.

” I’m not longer focusing on the irritating things. Living must go on”.

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