Two Japanese suspects in murder-mutilation case

Two Japanese suspects in murder-mutilation case

Two Japanese suspects in murder-mutilation case
Last week in the Bang Bua Thong city of Nonthaburi, rescue workers collected a case containing dismembered body parts next to a monitor. ( Photo supplied )

Two Asian men are the main suspects in the killing and dismemberment of another Asian man, whose remains were discovered in Nonthaburi state next week.

On Friday and Tuesday, Decaying parts of the body were discovered in dark plastic bags on Soi Sawaing 2 off Ban Kluai- Sai Noi Road in tambon Pimolrat in Bang Bua Thong city, both on Friday and Tuesday.

After a Thai suspect was detained on Tuesday evening, authorities began their hunt for the two people. In the Bang Bua Thong region, two Chinese men just killed and dismembered the victim.

The 34-year-old Thai believe was only identified as Bom. He claimed to the police that two Chinese men had hired him as a driver. A second Chinese man was sitting in the front passenger seats, along with the two clients. As he drove them to a inventory in Bang Bua Thong, the three gentlemen had gotten into a fight.

He received a request from the two users to leave the vehicle. He afterwards heard a gun.

The two Chinese people dismembered the system and placed the components in black plastic luggage, according to Mr. Bom. The two Asian suspects were then directed to various locations to cut off the bags. Authorities were still able to identify the suspects and the target. &nbsp,