Outrage in Indonesia over viral videos of 2 mothers sexually abusing their kids; both claim to be sextortion victims

Outrage in Indonesia over viral videos of 2 mothers sexually abusing their kids; both claim to be sextortion victims

KARTA: Two video of babies being molested by their parents have been popular online in Indonesia, bringing shock and outrage among internet users and raising awareness of sextortion in the country.

The films were shot last season, but they only went viral and started to trend on social media the week after appearing on platforms like X and TikTok.

Police have arrested the two defendants, both in their 20s, who claim to be survivors of sextortion. In 2023, a person reportedly approached them on Facebook and demanded payment if they submitted overly naked photos of themselves.

The customer then demanded that they record video of them sexually abusing their children and give the video above, as the people claimed that doing so would cause the nudes to be shared on social media.

Information of the cases were made public by Indonesian authorities on June 3. In one South Tangerang situation, the mother, who the police identified as R, claimed she was forced to document herself sexually abusing her five-year-old son. &nbsp,

The Facebook user threatened to post her naked photos online if she did n’t record and send the video over, in exchange for 15 million rupiah ( US$ 922 ).

” Because she felt threatened, R finally committed sexual abuse and did poor things. According to Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Police spokesperson Ade Ary Syam Indradi, according to Detik, it was then recorded and finally went viral.

R sent the movie, but she never received pay for it. Otherwise, a year later, the movie became viral on social media.

According to the authorities, a mom in Bekasi, referred to as AK, molested her 10- year- older son under similar circumstances, The incident was recorded and sent to the exact Facebook account in December 2023, and the video went viral this month when also.

R and AK are suspected of violating a number of child safety and pornographic rules. If charged and found guilty, they face up to 12 years in prison.

The owner of the” Icha Khalisa” Facebook accounts, who is still at large, is alleged to have been the victim of bribery, according to Indonesian officers, but it turns out the account was hacked by someone who is still at large.