Court accepts petition for dissolution of Move Forward

Court accepts petition for dissolution of Move Forward

Court accepts petition for dissolution of Move Forward
MFP head Chaithawat Tulanon and former president of the Move Forward Party, Pita Limjaroenrat, left, hold a press conference at legislature on January 31 after the Constitutional Court ruled against its stability queen reform plan. ( Photo: Nutthawat Wichieanbut )

The Election Commission (EC ) petition for the dissolution of the Move Forward Party ( MPF ) has been accepted by the Constitutional Court and given the main opposition party 15 days to file its defense.

The MFP’s political party secretary wants it to be disbanded, according to the EC’s political group register.

On Wednesday, the judge released the results of its first consideration.

The party’s actions, according to the commission, suggested that the group wanted to overthrow the government’s democratic system, with Well the King serving as head of state. The group’s actions were angry and in violation of Segment 92 of the natural laws governing political parties, according to the poll agency. &nbsp,

Under Areas 92 and 94 of the natural law on political parties, the applicant requested that the court dissolve the organization, withdraw the party’s executive privileges for 10 years, and rescind those privileges for those who have standing for election.

According to the judge statement, the jury accepted the complaint and instructed the MFP to defend its case in a court filing in 15 days.

On March 12, the EC’s political party director submitted a plea for the MFP’s breakdown, after the judge ruled on Jan 31 that the MFP’s continued efforts to change Part 112 of the Criminal Code, known as&nbsp, the der guess law, indicated an intention to destroy the constitutional monarchy.

The EC contends that the MFP violated Section 92 of the natural laws governing democratic parties in light of the decision. The area grants the court the authority to break any organization that appears to be in danger of destabilizing the constitutional king.

The judge also ordered the MFP to halt all attempts to modify Segment 112 in its decision on January 31. It claimed that fighting on the issue is viewed as an attempt to end the democratic king and that it is in violation of Section 49 of the Constitution.

Any lese majoreste issue must be filed by the Royal Household Bureau, never by politicians and others, according to the MFP’s proposed revisions. It even called for reduced words.

The courts, in&nbsp, their mind, pointed to the previous actions of Pita Limjaroenrat, the group’s former president, as well as those by the MFP in common, including its applications for the transfer on parole of suspects in der majeste cases.

Fourty-four of the party’s MPs, including its chief adviser Mr. Pita, could be subject to a life-long ban on politics because they are currently the subject of an investigation into how they campaigned to amend the lese majeste law in violation of the House Code of Ethics.