Cordlife probe: Directors lodge police report over ‘potential wrongdoings’ of former employees

Cordlife probe: Directors lodge police report over 'potential wrongdoings' of former employees

SINGAPORE: Cordlife’s board of directors has lodged a police report over the “potential wrongdoings ” of former employees amid a probe into damaged cord blood units.

The company claimed in a bourse filing on Wednesday night ( Apr 17 ) that it had set up a Committee of Inquiry ( COI ) to conduct internal investigations into the causes of the 2,200 cord blood units damaged in the first tank, called Tank A.

Cordlife has been subject to scrutiny since it was revealed in November of last year that seven of its 22 store tank were exposed to temperatures above -150 degrees Fahrenheit, the legal temperature for cord blood products.

According to Cordlife on Wednesday,” The COI is of the opinion that it has found preliminary evidence of potential wrongdoings involving primarily former workers of the group in connection with the Tank A event.” Based on the initial results of internal studies conducted by an outside expert by the COI ( which are still ongoing ) and the knowledge available.

The business filed a police statement on Wednesday “in value of such potential transgressions” and promised to give the authorities its full support.

The committee claimed in the processing that Mr. Zhai Lingyun and Ms. Chen Xiaoling, the police report, were not the two executives. The Nanjing Xinjiekou Department Store, which has a 20 rating, has Mr. Zhai and Ms. Chen as its managers. 3 per share interest in Cordlife.

CNA has contacted the police for more information.

Seven managers or previous managers have been arrested in connection with the situation, including  original Group CEO, Tan Poh Lan.  

About 5,300 cord blood units stored in a second Cordlife tank and a dry shipper have been deemed “non-viable,” according to the Health Ministry ( MOH) earlier this month.

This is on top of the roughly  2,200 cable body products that were damaged in the first container, affecting at least 2,150 customers.  

Besides the two vehicles and clean carrier, the five remaining vehicles that keep about 14,000 models were deemed “low-risk”, said the government.

Cordlife should conduct a large number of unit testing in these five vehicles, according to MOH authorities. The business has agreed to check more than 200 additional samples and consult with the agency’s expert about the results of the tests.