Contact tracing data from pandemic era TraceTogether, SafeEntry systems deleted

Contact tracing data from pandemic era TraceTogether, SafeEntry systems deleted

A federal electric check-in system called SafeEntry recorded information about visitors to public spaces like malls and workplaces. Users had to touch their phones or tokens to check in and out of for establishments because it was integrated with TraceTogether.

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The government was required by the COVID- 19 ( Temporary Measures ) Act of February 2021 to set a date and nbsp after which digital contact tracing systems were no longer needed to stop or control the spread of the disease.

The date was chosen as January 5, 2024, after conversation with Health Minister Ong Ye Kung and Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean, who is in charge of electronic government and public sector data management.

This is due to the low likelihood that a severe COVID- 19 outbreak will necessitate TT ( TraceTogether ) and SE ( SafeEntry ) to be restarted in the near future, according to Smart Nation, which oversees Singapore’s &nbsp, digital transformation, and is in charge of developing such strategies.

Additionally, according to the law, the digital phone tracing methods ‘ information executive is required to ensure that all data collection and deletion of any private contact information used for email tracking is done so. &nbsp,

As of February 1, all of these statistics, with the exception of the one related to the death situation, had been deleted.


According to Smart Nation, the backend digital infrastructure supporting the systems has been demolished, and both the TraceTogether and SafeEntry ( Business ) apps have been taken down from the official mobile app stores.

It also stated that the sites TraceTogether and SmartEntry have been shut down.

On wireless devices, TraceTogether apps can be updated and tokens recycled in 3 in 1 electronic waste bins all over the island.

According to Smart Nation, “TT and SE have served us well during the chronic stage of the COVID-19 epidemic by accelerating our contact tracing efforts and enabling the implementation of community protected control steps.”

” We thank the general public for their support of the TT program and our attempts to use digital contact tracing in our battle against COVID-19.”