Commvault welcomes Gareth Russell to new APAC-wide security role   

Commvault welcomes Gareth Russell to new APAC-wide security role   
  • tasked with assisting organizations in improving their computer resilience
  • brings a wealth of knowledge to the position in modern transformation and cybersecurity

Commvault welcomes Gareth Russell to new APAC-wide security role   

Commvault, a leading provider of data protection and cyber resilience solutions for hybrid cloud organisations, has announced the appointment of Gareth Russell ( pic ) as field chief technology officer, Security for Asia Pacific ( APAC ). In this newly created position, the company demonstrates its commitment to extending its strong technical expertise in cyber resilience and data security to more customers and partners in the region, which is essential in the age of ransomware.

A trained security senior, Russell brings years of extensive experience in computer plan, risk management, cyber resilience, and digital transformation to Commvault in the APAC region. With a proven track record of helping companies and institutions across Asia Pacific define and manage their digital risk exercises, Russell has considerable experience in implementing, transforming, and operating features, including embedding computer security into operational culture.

” I’m excited to bring my expertise to Commvault, particularly at a time when cyberrisks are becoming more prevalent in our area. My main goal will be to improve cyberresilience techniques, as well as assisting businesses in APAC in strengthening their healing capabilities. These times, when it comes to attacks, it’s not a matter of if but when, and I look forward to working with companies to improve their computer readiness and preparedness”, Russell said.

Critical gaps in cyberattack recovery efforts across APAC organizations have been identified in the recent State of Data Readiness market analysis by Commvault &amp, Tech Research Asia.

The region’s rates of cyber resiliency maturity are still low, according to the report. The data also demonstrates that cyberattacks continue to be prevalent, with many businesses still vulnerable to serious breaches, particularly those involving backups, production data, and secondary data. Of those organisations that experienced a cyberattack, only 35 % successfully recovered 100 % of their data. &nbsp,

Working with organizations to strengthen their cyber resilience strategy and aid them in preventing this growing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats is a top priority for Russell’s new position.

” We have made significant progress in recent months in assembling a senior team with unmatched skills and experience.” Gareth’s appointment furthers the expertise we can provide to our customers and partners as they work to keep their data safe and secure”, said Martin Creighan, vice president, Asia Pacific, Commvault. &nbsp,