Seoul slams failed North Korea spy satellite launch

Seoul slams failed North Korea spy satellite launch

Although Seoul’s intelligence firm has doubts about the say, North Korea asserts that the” Malligyong- 1″ satellite that was put in orbit in November is still operational.

Seoul claims Kim paid Russia for the effective build, which also resulted in Moscow sending weapons containers to Moscow for use in Ukraine.

A group of Russian professionals have entered the North, according to a federal standard, according to a report released this weekend by South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency.

The launch failed on Monday, according to North Korea’s National Aerospace Technology Administration, who stated in a statement that” the newly developed liquid gas and fuel engine’s operational reliability” was to blame.

According to Hong Min, a senior analyst at the Korea Institute for National Unification in Seoul, the most recent setback wo n’t stop Pyongyang from attempting to retake the initiative.

” The North has made people in depth and in a timely manner the problems of satellite launches are something that all countries developing storage technologies have in common,” he said.

With the information gathered from the most recent release, Moscow’s technical assistance to Pyongyang will increase its chances of success for the following attempt.