Commentary: In the happiness debate, sometimes the middle ground is where life feels fullest

Commentary: In the happiness debate, sometimes the middle ground is where life feels fullest


So where do you begin? Start by questioning the “whys” of your life. What makes you accomplish what you do? Is it for love, security or fame? Why do you hunt the targets you’ve set? Are they really yours, or imposed by culture or relatives? It’s ok not to have all the solutions quickly. The key is to begin asking these questions, to initiate the process of home- reflection.

The next step is to slowly align your choices with your new understanding. Sometimes it’s changing jobs, starting a new hobby, or just spending more time with loved ones. Even minor changes in how you feel and perceive your planet can cause major changes, even if they are not important.

Get my knowledge, for example. As a health enthusiast looking to improve life, I completed a certification program in 2009 and worked part-time in open trainers. However, after more than a year, I realised that path was n’t the right fit for me. Had I not done but, however, I would never have known either approach.

Finding goal is not an overnight success. It’s a longstanding search, filled with testing and errors, joys and sorrows. And while the political benchmarks of achievement- the promotions, the accolades, the material possessions- may give temporary satisfaction, they’re never the best indicators of a deliberate life.

Contemplate Bill Gates ‘ perspectives:” Money has no value to me beyond a certain level. The only things it does are to build an organization and distribute solutions to the world’s poor.

Of program, your objective had no comprise solving world problems. However, being average does n’t limit your capacity to make significant contributions. It might be as simple as being your best caregiver you can be, bringing laughter to your friends, or spreading compassion in your community.

It’s about having a sense of accomplishment, no matter how little, when you wake up each morning with a sense of love and going to bed the next day with one.

In embracing your common, you may just get your amazing.

Tan Chin Hock is the creator of Holdinghands Studio and the author of It’s Ok to Get Ordinary: You Can Also Lead A Deliberate Life.