Flu, dengue fever pose risk

Flu, dengue fever pose risk

Flu, dengue fever pose risk
In 2021, people are given a virus killed at the Government Complex on Chaeng Watthana Road. ( File photo )

Even as the threat of getting Covid- 19 persists, the Department of Disease Control ( DDC ) has warned people about the dangers of contracting influenza and dengue fever this year. On Wednesday, the department released its statement on communicable diseases.

Its representative, Dr Jurai Wongsawat, said the department has found major regions of virus in schools, prison and defense camps since the beginning of the time.

The most prevalent type of flu in children between the ages of 5 and 9 years old was virus A, with about 80 % of the infection coming from a strain of virus A, and another 20 % coming from influenza B. The office anticipates that this year’s total amount of virus patients will be 346, 110, a slight decrease from the 460, 325 cases reported last year.

For mosquito illness, more than 20, 000 cases have been reported this time, two days more than that of next year, she said. About 27 people have died, 20 of whom were people who even suffered from chronic disorders.

Dengue attacks were found in all age groups, but most frequently in school-aged 5 to 14

The DDC advises that people who have a high fever, nausea, chest pains, or allergy should immediately seek medical attention, and that they may never purchase any medication without consulting with a doctor.

The DDC anticipates a slight decrease in the number of attacks for Covid- 19 from the 652, 868 instances that were reported last year to the 649, 524 instances that were reported this season. The DDC even expects about 852 will die from the disease, compared with the 848 who died last month.