Commentary: After an exceptional career, it’s time for Joseph Schooling to enjoy being ‘normal’

Commentary: After an exceptional career, it's time for Joseph Schooling to enjoy being 'normal'

Schooling’s defeat at Rio in 2016 was a glory shared by the state. Viewers at the airport yell and yell his title as he was feted like a king on his return. Mini Schooling candidates, companies clamoring to work with him, and followers who are obsessed with what he ate or who he was seeing, boosted enrollment in Singapore’s float colleges.

Sporting champions have passed away, their names have appeared in sporting history’s history, but their stories have largely vanished.

Schooling’s tradition is truly etched deeper. After all, this was the person who won the Olympic Games Majulah Singapura circle out of the shadow of Michael Phelps.

And now it’s his turn to like being “normal,” to like a side of life that he’s abandoned in favor of swimming laps and rounds. He’s more than earned it.


Each athlete has their own exclusive set of challenges and circumstances when it comes to choosing whether to stay or to go.

Some choose to continue, bound by a sense of duty for their staff.

Consider people’s water polo commander Lee Kai Yang, who took stepped away from the game for three weeks after a disappointing 2019 SEA Games, but returned to recapture gold for Singapore&nbsp, four years later.

In Lee’s circumstance, there was empty company, the&nbsp, “element of duty” to keep his team in a good spot.

He told CNA on Tuesday,” I definitely was n’t going to stop until I got it back,” and I believe many of my teammates also felt this way.

Although there are some players who continue to compete well into their late 30s and early 40s, the average age of an athlete’s pension is said to be between 28 and 32.

There is no one set, one-size-fits-all guideline, though.

Great athletes like Steffi Graf and American basketball legend Barry Sanders have both leave while at the height of their respective sports.

There are also those who call the end of passion. There was a sense of that with Schooling, who told investigators that he did no “enjoy the crush” again.

When I was four years old, I can still recall how delighted I was to jump into the unseasonably cold lake. I woke up certainly feeling the same enthusiasm to go to training”, he said.