Malaysia mart boss apologises to king over ‘Allah’ socks issue

Malaysia mart boss apologises to king over ‘Allah’ socks issue

The founder and CEO of the regional convenience store chain KK Super Mart, Chai Kee Kan, was seated before an audience on Wednesday ( Apr 3 ) at the Istana Negara.

Chai pleaded with the king and all Islamists for forgiveness over the controversy surrounding the purchase of socks with the name” Allah” at its exit, according to a blog on Sultan Ibrahim’s Instagram page.

The price of the socks was documented online, causing outcry and calls to boycott the convenience store network.

Sultan Ibrahim stated in a Twitter post that he wanted all factions, including KK Super Mart, to be more cautious with the goods sold. This is especially true of imported goods that are imported into the nation in order to stop similar situations from occurring again.

” All parties must be more concerned. I hope this is the last moment I want to put a lot of emphasis on this,” Sultan Ibrahim told the Royal Press Office.

” Once again, I stress that no party may take advantage of this problem, including inciting people. I do n’t want this issue to drag on”, said the king.

Due to this, Sultan Ibrahim had recently stated that such errors in relation to racial and religious issues should never be allowed to occur again.

On March 26, Chai and his wife, who is the company director of the business, were accused of “deliberately intending to injure the spiritual feelings” in the country with a majority of Muslims.

Three vendors ‘ representatives, including Xin Jian Chang, who had supplied the boots, were even accused of aiding in the alleged murder.

There have been reviews of numerous instances of petrol weapons being thrown at various KK Super Mart locations in the country, including Sarawak, following the incident.