China’s EV giants driving onshore equity rally – Asia Times

China’s EV giants driving onshore equity rally - Asia Times

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China’s economic success does n’t necessarily sustain an equity rally

David P. Goldman discusses the impact of China’s electric vehicle ( EV ) companies on the A-shares equity market rally, refutes the notion that overcapacity is to blame for China’s success with exports, and discusses the possibility of the Chinese yuan’s depreciation getting worse.

Germany: CDU preparing to recapture the palace, twice- down on Ukraine aid

Diego Faßnacht writes that signs point to Germany’s opposition Conservative Christian Democrats ( CDU) leading the next government. This could lead to a shift in European policy regarding the Ukraine situation and the introduction of even greater military support.

No implementation for a major rude despite constant Russian benefits.

James Davis targets defense depots and the railway networks that transport Western weapons and equipment while pursuing corporate advances made by Russian forces, who have taken control of important positions and villages on the Russian top, particularly in the Avdeyevka field.

Administration pursues Chinese shipping

After the United Steelworkers ( USW) and several other unions filed a petition asking for a special port fee to be imposed on Chinese-built vessels, Scott Foster details the US Trade Representative’s ( USTR ) investigation into alleged unfair practices by China in the shipbuilding industry.