China launches campaign to halt school bullying, excessive homework

China launches campaign to halt school bullying, excessive homework

In an effort to improve students ‘ mental health, the Chinese Ministry of Education announced on Tuesday ( May 14 ) that it would be launching a campaign to address issues like excessive homework and bullying in schools.

The government made the announcement a day after it announced that it would be providing mental health education to teachers and students, with a specific focus on rural immigrant children or those who are “left behind” whose kids work in big cities for the majority of the year.

The agency’s see, published on its website, detailed 12 bad practices at schools, including invasion during scheduled breaks, abuse and compassion of bullying behavior.

Beijing has tried to reform the educational system since 2021, enforcing a US$ 120 billion personal tutoring industry to lower student costs. Some people have cited higher costs for training and care as reasons not to have children.

The announcements come after a 13-year-old boy was killed in northwestern China, sparking a contentious advertising debate over migrant workers ‘ leave of children at home and juvenile crime.

In the little town of Handan on March 10, three lads were detained after allegedly beating and killing the student.