Cases down, losses up: Hong Kong fights phone scams as amount swindled quadruples to US$101 million

Cases down, losses up: Hong Kong fights phone scams as amount swindled quadruples to US$101 million

Hong Kong is experiencing a rise in financial loss as a result of mobile scams, despite the city’s increased prevalence of mainland Chinese learners falling victim.

In the first third of the year, 474 mobile con cases were reported, a 21 % decrease from the same period last year, according to local authorities. But the amount of money lost more than quadrupled to HK$ 789 million ( US$ 101 million ) from HK$ 195 million.

The majority of losses were caused by government official portrayal schemes. While there were 168 like circumstances, simply more than a third of the total score, they were responsible for at least HK$ 760 million of the cash swindled, local media reported.

According to Senior Inspector Lam Pui-hang of the Hong Kong Police Force’s knowledge meeting and con answer staff, more mainland Chinese students in the area are also falling for these schemes. &nbsp,

The South China Morning Post (SCMP ) reports that there were 39 cases involving mainland Chinese students in the first quarter of 2024, compared to 29 cases during the same time last year.


One of the recent cases involved an 18-year-old mainland Chinese victim. The first-year university student, identified as” Chen,” gave a video call to a police press conference about her experience.

Chen relates how she was contacted by phony immigration authorities who claimed to be her. &nbsp,

The caller had claimed that she had posted “undesirable advertisements” under her phone number registered in China and thus “violated Hong Kong laws” and would be “blacklisted”, HK01 reported. &nbsp,

Later, Chen was moved to a caller who claimed to be a police officer in mainland China and claimed to be involved in a money-laundering investigation. Additionally, the con artist gave her transfer information in statements from her real bank account.

Later, she received a copy of the arrest warrant and a freeze order. Due to the fact that Hong Kong officials and several banks were involved in the case, she was advised to keep any information a secret or she would be detained right away. &nbsp,

” At that moment I was extremely agitated”, Chen said in Mandarin. &nbsp,