Children paid to guzzle alcohol at ordination ceremony

Children paid to guzzle alcohol at ordination ceremony

13- year- aged girl collapsed incapacitated, rushed to clinic

Children paid to guzzle alcohol at ordination ceremony
Local officials, best, visit the family of the 13- yr- old lady at Mitsamphan village in Nong Bunmak district, Nakhon Ratchasima on Tuesday. The girl collapsed comatose after she and a child, both of whom were 13 years old, were paid to pour drinking from bottles during a Sunday service at a nearby temple. ( Photo: Prasit Tangprasert )

A 13-year-old woman who had paid 1, 000 ringgit for drinking at an ordination service collapsed into a coma and was taken to the hospital.

She was placed in intensive treatment, but she was later revealed to be in a stable state.

Police were looking for the person who hired the lady and a 13-year-old child to consume alcohol at the ceremony. On Sunday evening during the priesthood at a church in the Nong Bunmak district, they were each paid 1, 000 baht in cash and encouraged to sip a half-bottle of alcohol.

The child fell unconscious, was taken to Nong Bunmak Hospital, and was then transferred to Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital, where she received treatment in the intensive care unit.

A nearby resident captured a picture of middle-aged men forming a loop and clapping on the lady and the child as they raised their bottles and poured the alcohol.

An unnamed man hired her daughter and the child who had been drinking the liquor, according to 72-year-old Oui Krapheenok of Mitsamphan community in tambon Nong Takai, who filed a complaint with officers at Nong Bunmak police stop on Monday.

She claimed that her daughter, who was present at the meeting, wanted to collect some of the coins that relatives had thrown to the masses during the ceremony. Grandma Oui said the girl wanted the money to help her family because there were 13 places for her to serve. &nbsp, &nbsp,

The child regained consciousness on Tuesday, but she was still able to communicate and had symptoms of numbness as a side effect of the emergency care, according to a source. She had been moved from the ICU to a general ward by doctors.

On Tuesday, Picharn Trapakwaen, chief of Nong Bunmak district, led social welfare and public health officials to visit the girl’s family at Mitsamphan village. They learned the family was poor with 13&nbsp, members. &nbsp,

The girl was still receiving care at the hospital, according to Mr. Picharn. The district manager claimed that the girl had been forced to accept the offer of the money because she wanted to help her family.

He had ordered that the girl’s medical costs be covered, and assistance provided for&nbsp, her education and for the family.

The man who hired the two children to drink alcohol was identified by police on Tuesday, and he was threatened with legal action.

His actions were against the Child Protection Act, which prohibited compulsion, persuasion, or enticement of children to behave inappropriately, hiring them to work or act in a way that might be harmful to the body. He had also acted recklessly, causing injury to others.