Commentary: Singapore football fans love South Korea’s Son Heung-min, but they should get behind our Lions too

Commentary: Singapore football fans love South Korea's Son Heung-min, but they should get behind our Lions too

In contrast to the next beauty tie we played ( against a Lionel Messi-less Argentina in 2017 ), where some Singaporeans booed our own people, I could discover signs of optimism here.


As a devoted admirer, my wish is undoubtedly that Singaporeans did show some more support for our own players in upcoming games.

Our goal should be to cheer up our house team, even more so as we are excited to see our favorite team people in action. As always, if we have to cheer the criticism when they are the opponent team’s 12th man, that is fine. As hosts, we are not expected to be rude or less courteous.

” As a fan, you the n’t just help the same person, which I totally understand”, was Son Heung- min’s sophisticated response when asked at the article- match media conference about boos from Singapore fans.

However, the end result is only a 90-minute activity.

How roughly before and after those 90 days? The Asian Association in Singapore set the standard by producing cheerful towels with the words” We love Korea and Singapore” boldly on them.

Pre- suit, my companions and I were in a karaoke bar outside the facility, with some Asian fans at the next stand. We made associates with them and sang a Vietnamese track to break the ice because we suspected they might have felt a little odd in a Mandopop-dominant environment.

After the game, I met with the Asian praise team’s head and booed Son to try dish meat noodles, bak dura teh, and some regional desserts.

We are gracious hosts, let’s be gracious too towards our own. Even though our hopes for a World Cup have already been thwarted, some of the SingaBrigade will be in Bangkok on Tuesday night and will be shouting hoarse as usual when Singapore faces Thailand. Let’s cheer on the Lions on our screens, for the rest of us.

Eddy Hirono is a fervent supporter of local football and an internal legal counsel.

Watch the FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier between Thailand and Singapore on Tuesday ( Jun 11 ) at 8:20 PM LIVE on 5 Mewatch and Mediacorp Entertainment on YouTube.