Cabinet approves one-pill rule for meth users

Cabinet approves one-pill rule for meth users

Rules a response to the severe condemnation of the 5-millimeter rule separating users from dealers

Cabinet approves one-pill rule for meth users
On February 8, 2024, a press presentation in Samut Prakan displays rate supplements. ( Bangkok Post File Photo )

According to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, the government has approved in theory a law that stipulates that people found in possession of more than one meth product will be regarded as an criminal and will not have the option of being sent to rehabilitation.

The Ministry of Public Health’s proposed review regulation addresses the condemnation of a previous concept that stated that anyone found with five or more velocity pills could face legal action.

The legislation received criticism for introducing a flaw that allowed anyone who had between one and four pills to be categorized as a drug addiction in need of treatment and avoid a possible prison sentence.

Mr Srettha, who chaired Tuesday’s government conference, said on Tuesday that a person caught with one tablet — or the equivalent of no more than 100 milligrammes of cocaine — may be assumed to be a primary- time offender who should be rehabilitated.

The draft legislation will then be sent to the Council of State, the president’s legal shoulder, for screening.

Before the government meeting, public health minister Somsak Thepsutin stated that the person must demonstrate that they purchased the medication for their own consumption and not for sale in order to comply with the one-tabl prescription rehab rule.

If they fail to confirm that, they may face prosecution, the secretary said.

The document will be returned to the cupboard once the Council of State has finished the vetting process, according to Mr. Somsak, adding that the process may be finished by this month.

The minister claimed that the proposed one-tablet cut-off was meant to separate drug users from drug dealers and smugglers.

Any property obtained using medication funds, including those left to other people, may be seized as part of an ongoing crackdown against the drug trade.

According to Mr. Somsak, the law also permits benefits for spies and officials involved in bringing up and compiling illegal drug cases.