Toddler rescued after being trapped in hot pickup

Mother says the 18-month-old child unintentionally shut the doors and turned off the engine.

Toddler rescued after being trapped in hot pickup
At a business in Buri Ram on Saturday, rescuers save a one-year-old baby from a sealed pickup truck. ( Screenshots )

A child had to be freed from a popular pickup truck for more than 30 minutes on Saturday in Buri Ram province.

The child was rescued by the Siam Ruam Jai Foundation volunteers who were waiting at the Sa Ya Ma industry in the Nang Rong city.

Upon arrival, volunteers met the boy’s family, who said her brother was only one month and six months old.

About five hours were needed to open the baby. The child was discovered covered in perspiration as a result of the car’s extreme heat. Despite the suffering, he was in safe state, according to reports.

The mother admitted to keeping her brother in the pickup while working at a local cellular phone shop. She claimed that she spent about 30 days in the store without turning the air conditioning on. But, when she returned to the pick, she found that the website had stopped and the doors were locked.

The mother claimed that she thought her child had unintentionally locked the doors and pressed the start-stop option as he scurried around the interior.

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Singapore’s COVID-19 cases nearly double; hospitals to reduce non-urgent elective surgeries

Singapore has seen a nearly double increase in COVID- 19 cases week over week, which has prompted the Health Ministry to take steps to ensure enough capacity at open hospitals. &nbsp,

The estimated amount of COVID- 19 infection in the week of May 5 to 11 rose to 25, 900 – a 90 per cent increase compared to the 13, 700 situations in the week before that. &nbsp,

The average daily COVID- 19 hospitalisations rose to about 250 from 181 the week before, said the Ministry of Health ( MOH) on Saturday ( May 18 ). In addition, it noted that, despite two circumstances occurring in the previous year, the average daily intake in intensive care is only three cases per day. &nbsp,

The government said that” MOH is carefully monitoring the direction of this wave.” &nbsp,

People hospitals have been asked to reduce their non-urgent elective surgery cases, reduce their hospital bed power, and transfer ideal people to treatment services like Transitional Care Facilities or at home through Mobile Inpatient Care@Home as a protection.

If a patient has mild symptoms or is not susceptible to a medical condition, it also advised against visiting the patient’s Emergency Department for care. &nbsp,

The KP. 1 and KP. More than two-thirds of cases of the COVID- 19 virus are now caused by the COVID- 19 burden in Singapore. &nbsp,

The two strains belong to a group of COVID- 19 variants that scientists have dubbed “FLiRT,” in honor of the technical names of their mutations. They all have JN ancestors. 1 variant, which spread rapidly around the world several months back.

The World Health Organization classified KP earlier this month. 2 as a Variant Under Monitoring. It is also the dominant strain in the United States and has been detected in countries like China, Thailand, India, Australia and the United Kingdom.

” There are currently no indications, globally or locally, that KP. 1 and KP. 2 are more transmissible or cause more severe disease than other circulating variants”, MOH said on Saturday.

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S. Korean gamblers arrested in Pattaya

S. Korean gamblers arrested in Pattaya
On Friday night, ten South Koreans were discovered playing blackjack inside a coffee shop in Pattaya, Chon Buri. ( Photo: Chaiyut Pupattanapong )

In Pattaya beach community on Friday, ten North Korean citizens were detained during a police raid on a coffee shop-cum-gambling cave.

At 9:26 p.m., officers and officials led by Pattaya police captain Pol Col Navin Thirawit and Bang Lamung area commander Veekit Manarojkiit raided the gaming den on the second floor of Sand Coffee.

A group of immigrants were discovered playing poker in a place during the procedure. Ten gamblers, all North Korean nationals, and Phuek Prasomphan, a 46- yr- ancient Thai man who admitted to being the proprietor of the place, were arrested.

A gaming tables, boards of poker cards, cards and about 160, 000 ringgit in cash were seized.

None of the South Koreans had entered the country improperly, according to authorities who asked them to make their documents.

All defendants were taken to the Pattaya City officers place for investigation.

Decks of playing cards and chips are seized during a police attack on the latte store- cum- gambling den in Pattaya, Chon Buri province, on Friday. ( Photo: Chaiyot Pupattanapong )

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Maybe it’s time to move on

Maybe it’s time to move on
Cholnan: Pride trampled on?

Three devoted Pheu Thai Party soldiers have been left out in the cold thanks to the most recent case change, known as Srettha 1/1.

According to an observer, two chose to suffer the loss of their faces in silence, while the other refuses to accept the shame lying over.

The greats shown the door were Dr Cholnan Srikaew, who was replaced as public health secretary, Puangpet Chunlaiad, who lost her post as Prime Minister’s Office minister, and Chaiya Promma, who was deputy agriculture minister.

Following the reshuffle, Mr. Chaiya wasted no time yuttling a salvo at Pheu Thai and yutta warning that it was inappropriate to let the axe fall on him, with the Move Forward Party ( MFP ) snatching up the party’s sleeve for dominance in national politics.

No one else could better reflect Pheu Thai’s northern electors in the case, according to Mr. Chaiya.

Pheu Thai defeated the MFP with about 5.11 million votes in the Northeast despite their unexpected battle at the previous election in its enclave in the north. The MPs in Pheu Thai’s district prevented the MFP from wooing citizens, which was credited with this success.

Mr. Chaiya, an MP for Nong Bua Lam Phu and one of Pheu Thai’s most well-known officials in the Northeast, claimed it was district MPs like him who worked tirelessly to safe and keep the redoubt in the Northeast. This was done so that list prospects may use their reputation to run for office.

Mr. Chaiya warned that the MFP is quickly catching up with the major opposition party in areas where it was originally in the lead in several elections and is giving Pheu Thai a run for its money.

He noted that while winning in some constituencies in the general election next year, the MFP had little to do with regular campaign ads.

He claimed that it was high time the ruling party looked inside and discovered how to best prepare and formulate new strategies for the upcoming standard vote less than four years from today.

He said that it is wrong to sideline hard-working and devoted MPs who have tough devotion to their constituencies.

” Do n’t forget that Pheu Thai has been given a chance by Isan]northeastern ] voters many times already.

What does the group have to offer in exchange for their unwavering help, the question is today. “he said.

While Mr. Chaiya expressed his frustration, a communication lamenting Dr. Cholnan’s removal from the cupboard had trampled on his pride circulated on social media.

The message was posted on the day before the most recent cabinet appointments took effect on the Mor Cholnan FC Mai Mee Drama ( Dr. Cholnan’s Fan Club, No Drama ).

A profile picture of a Dr. Cholnan image that was allegedly operated by Dr. Cholnan’s long-standing followers was posted to the site. A comment next to the photo claimed that the original public health minister had been abandoned and discarded while others ruthlessly searched for power.

It was shared frequently, although access to the Social blog’s comment box was restricted.

At the same time, some social critics were candid about Dr Cholnan’s resignation.

They claimed that Dr. Cholnan previously demonstrated leadership skills despite having led the Pheu Thai Party, which explains why he had been exempt.

Jittakorn Bussaba, a political scientist and well-known journalist, claimed on the Naewna website talk program that despite having been given the Pheu Thai command, he continued to be in the shadow of Paetongtarn, the head of the Pheu Thai Family, a position that is believed to have been created specifically for her.

Dr. Cholnan has then taken over as Pheu Thai president as the youngest child of paroled former top Thaksin Shinawatra, who is believed to still have a lot of influence in Pheu Thai.

The group, according to Mr Jittakorn, showed little respect for Dr Cholnan as its leader. The fact that the party did not even choose him among the three applicants for prime minister in the previous election served as an example.

The three are now Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, Ms Paetongtarn, and Chaikasem Nitisiri, who held no major party article at the time of his candidacy.

While Dr. Cholnan was standing next to her, with his head bent forwards and his fingers clasped in front of him, during the election campaign, Ms. Paetongtarn spoke on stage and at gatherings while” with her head held high and her again straight” and” with her head held high and her again straight.”

The critic suggested that Dr. Cholnan may consider leaving Pheu Thai if he believes the organization is not treating him fairly and should support the Bhumjaithai Party, which has been seeking to strengthen in Nan, where Dr. Cholnan has been elected numerous times.

Dr Cholnan, he suggests, may come where he might be appreciated.

waiting for holes to shape

Following new maneuvers by the ruling party that could stress connections between two partnership partners, political observers are then monitoring the possibility of a broken within the Pheu Thai-led partnership.

Anutin: Wary of plant are- listing

One is Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s contact for the change in the legal standing of cannabis. The Bhumjaithai Party, which effectively advocated for legalizing marijuana during the prior administration, is not in favor of the premier’s position.

The flower was delisted in 2022 as a Category 5 opiate, except extract containing more than 0.2 % THC, the substance that creates the psychedelic result.

However, decriminalization without extensive laws to regulate and control its use sparked a public outcry and concerns about its use, misuse, and potential long-term effects.

Pheu Thai and the Democrat Party claimed that the proposed rules were too weak, and Bhumjaithai sponsored a cannabis power bill that was shot down in its second studying in congress.

Common health regulations as well as the medicinal plant law, which do not sufficiently support all cannabis uses, now make it possible for people to use cannabis for clinical and research purposes.

Pheu Thai announced during the campaign leading up to last year’s election that it did not support cannabis liberalization and that it would fight against illicit drug abuse.

Eight months after taking office, Mr. Srettha demanded that a May 8 meeting be held to discuss the issue of narcotics be held in the Ministry of Public Health, stating that the decision was in the public’s best interests.

Anutin Charnvirakul, the leader of Bhumjaithai, the minister of interior, Somsak Thepsutin, and Tawee Sodsong, the justice minister, were among those present at the meeting.

Mr. Somsak was “unable to wait to complete it.” ]PM Srettha Thavisin ] has given the ministry until the end of this year to reclassify cannabis as a narcotic, “he said”. The sooner, the better,” said Mr Somsak.

Mr Anutin, who served as public health minister in the Prayut Chan- o- cha administration, was apparently cautious about Bhumjaithai’s stance on the reclassification issue.

The Narcotics Control Board had approved the marijuana use as a narcotic, and he was the only person who could object to that decision at the meeting.

Political watchers view Mr Srettha’s move on cannabis as damaging to the Bhumjaithai Party, especially considering the prime minister’s” people’s interest “remark.

This could be seen as implying that the coalition partner’s cannabis policy was ill- thought- out and driven by personal interests, they noted.

Olarn Thinbangtieo, a lecturer in political science at Burapha University, told the Bangkok Post that Pheu Thai would win over the public if it reinstated marijuana on the drug list.

After seeing its popularity decline consistently over the past few months, he predicted that the ruling party will win some points with this policy.

According to Mr. Olarn, Mr. Srettha’s actions may also lead to rifts with the United Thai Nation ( UTN) Party, which saw one of its ministers resign the cabinet just days after the reshuffle.

He was referring to Krisada Chinavicharana, who resigned as the country’s deputy finance minister due to the work arrangements made by Pichai Chunhavajira, who had just been appointed. The Public Debt Management Office’s responsibilities fell to Mr. Krisada.

Mr. Krisada claimed in his letter of resignation that the media misled him because he and Mr. Pichai had a different work philosophy and that Mr. Pichai had not treated him with respect when they collaborated.

Due to the fact that he was from a different party, the division of responsibilities was widely seen as a ruling party’s move to lessen the role of the deputy minister in the Finance Ministry, which is the main component in the implementation of the digital wallet scheme.

The tension will likely grow even more so after Energy Minister and UTN leader Pirapan Salirathavibhaga asked for the relief measure, especially given Mr. Srettha’s refusal to allocate funds from the government’s central budget reserves to alleviate the hardship caused by high energy prices.

The prime minister has requested that the state’s Oil Fuel Fund be used to stabilize oil prices, and that if it runs out, the central budget reserves be used to replenish it. The Oil Fuel Fund reported that as of May 5, Mr. Pirapan’s situation caused legal issues because it was 109 billion baht in the red.

There is a chance that Bhumjathai and UTN could face a backlash from their own supporters because of the ruling party’s actions. According to Mr. Olarn, it is possible that Pheu Thai’s coalition parties will withdraw their support for the digital wallet scheme in retaliation.

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Buddha never taught supernatural powers, says NOB

Buddha never taught supernatural powers, says NOB
Lawyer Anantachai Chaidej, straight, meets with Thaneadpon Thanaboonyawat, Secretary to the Minister of Social Development and Human Security, left, to hand him proof and petition against a cult run by eight- year- older’ Nong Nice’, his parents and various individuals at the ministry on Friday. ( Photo: Chanat Katanyu )

The National Office of Buddhism ( NOB ) insisted that teleportation is not part of the Buddha’s lessons, despite claims to the contrary by a religion work by eight- season- old” Nong Nice”, his parents and other people– who are now facing a police investigation.

The Central Investigation Bureau ( CIB ) is investigating a legal complaint against” Nong Nice” and eight other people who operate his” Mind Connection” website, social media accounts and other websites for violating the Computer Act, Donation Soliciting Act, and Child Welfare Protection Act.

Not only are the alleged mental powers not a part of the Tripitaka, but such claims about telepathic skills go against the six virtues of dhamma, said Bunchoet Kittitharangkun, director of the NOB’s provincial office in Pathum Thani, on Friday.

The NOB recently conducted a study into the Tripitaka, and he claimed that there are no references to this.

According to Intaporn Chaniam, the NOB director, the NOB has been monitoring this cult’s activities for a while gathering information about the false and inaccurate information the cult is providing regarding the Buddha’s teachings.

This case, however, is sensitive as the cult involves a child and his family, he said.

Theravada Buddhism is predominant in Thailand, not Mahayana Buddhism, which might give credence to such supernatural powers, said Mr Bunchoet.

The NOB now has a clear response to questions raised about these claims, according to PM’s Office Minister Pichit Chuenban, just as the government had previously promised to investigate the cult’s claims and take appropriate action against them.

He said he would inform other organizations about the NOB’s decision to reject these allegations and request that they take legal action against anyone who makes them in the future.

Responding to the NOB’s statement, the cult posted on its website a new message reading:” Master Nong Nice has always said mind connection is a method. He has never made the case that it is the Buddha’s teaching. And the NOB did n’t]clearly ] say Nong Nice’s teachings are against the Bhuddha’s teachings”.

Since Nong Nice’s parents refuse to let authorities assess the boy’s mental condition, the Social Development and Human Security Ministry has been asking for a court warrant to visit him.

His parents are still threatening to sue their critics.

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Phuket set for infrastructure upgrades

Transportation plans unveiled

Phuket set for infrastructure upgrades
Tourists relax on the shore in Phuket. ( File photo: Achadthaya Chuenniran )

The government has announced a new rail system that connects Phuket Town and the airports, among other things.

The hotel island’s good economic growth is the result of the decision, which was made after more than 300 billion baht were distributed last year.

Government official Chai Wacharonke told media on Friday &nbsp, that Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin recognised Phuket’s ability, which aligns with the president’s policy that emphasises pushing Thailand to be the state’s commerce, travel, and aircraft gateway as well as enhancing transportation system on the Andaman coast.

Mr. Chai claimed that the premier had given the Transport Ministry instructions to develop instant, medium-, and long-term plans to update Phuket’s transportation infrastructure in order to become a major tourist hub and gateway to the lower South.

The growth encompasses land, water, heat and rail transport systems.

The Department of Highways was to upgrade to intelligent traffic signals, design no-parking regions, and close U-turn details on overcrowded roads for the quick action program.

The medium-term plan will address traffic congestion on Highway 402 and expand Highway 4027 to four roads, with design anticipated to be complete by 2026.

The Expressway Authority of Thailand does construct an road connecting Patong Beach to Phuket Airport and the interstate road system for the long-term program.

By 2030, the novel road will be operational.

Meanwhile, the 41. 7-kilometer light rail system connecting Phuket International Airport and the Ha Yeak Chalong intersection would be subject to a feasibility study from the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand ( MRTA ).

The study does also concentrate on the physical conditions of the area and how to minimize the traffic turbulence brought on by the construction.

The metro system’s structure is anticipated to begin in 2028 and be finished by 2031.

A feasibility research on Phuket’s serious- sea port growth has also been conducted. The growth aims to address the growing growth of the Andaman Sea’s huge cruise industry.

If high-paying tourists can port and stay in Thailand for more, according to Mr. Chai, Thailand will be able to generate more revenue from them. By the end of this year, the investigation is anticipated to get finished.

In addition, Airports of Thailand ( AoT ) has been instructed to boost Phuket Airport’s capacity to accommodate up to 18 million passengers a year. The date is 2031.

According to Mr. Chai, the growth plans also include the addition of airplane services to make island travel more convenient.

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PM courts investors in Italy

Srettha on 5- morning excursion with list of priorities

PM courts investors in Italy
Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, meets with professionals from the Italian style home in Valdilana, Italy, on Friday. ( Photo: Thai Government )

Thailand and Italy will push for further assistance in the fields of clean energy, sports hospitality, medical science, pharmaceuticals, and military, according to assistant state representative Radklao Intawong Suwankiri.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and his Roman equivalent Giorgia Meloni likely discuss them as part of their ongoing dialogue to strengthen bilateral relations as the prime minister is currently on a five-day attend to Italy as of Friday.

According to Ms. Radklao, this year marks the 156th celebration of the two countries ‘ diplomatic relations.

The prime minister will even ask European companies to invest in Thailand’s fashion industry, soft power, agrarian technology, food industry, and sustainability- linked bonds, as well as the government’s Land Bridge project.

Both sides may share their knowledge in GI ( geographical indication )- listed products, the development of SMEs, the space industry and food conservation.

Mr. Srettha will also advocate for important issues like the completion of the Thailand-EU FTA negotiations by 2025, and the future job of Thai employees who have come back from Israel.

Mr Srettha even met monday with Carlo Capasa, president of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, Attilio Fontana, the government of Italy’s Lombardy place, and Raffaele Cattaneo, the state’s secretary for international and European relationships.

Mr. Srettha met with professionals from Versace, as well as representatives from Zegna and Loro Piana, at the Milan-based style home.

Ms. Radklao claimed that the prime minister also brought textiles from the Sakhon Nakhon fashion houses to show them as part of efforts to spread native Thai wisdom in conventional indigo dyeing.

The spokesperson stated that the project is the product of Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana Rajakanya.

Mr. Srettha led a group of Thai enterprise managers to the French Business Forum in France on Thursday before his trip to Italy.

Following on the findings of their previous meeting, he met with French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss trade and investment, the defense sector, soft power, and strengthening the France-Thailand strategic partnership in accordance with the Roadmap for Thai-French Relations ( 2022-2024 ).

At the conference, Mr. Srettha delivered a conversation. Ms. Radklao encapsulated the main factors.

The primary secretary stated that after taking office, he made his first official trip to France. His next visit to the two nations in three months demonstrated how close the two countries are together.

Next month, he invited the CEO of Comité Colbert to Thailand to encounter first- hand Indian culture and design.

Thailand hopes to learn from and work with a leader like France to advance its creative economy sectors, according to the PM.

He added that prominent Thai businesses were traveling with him and that it was the president’s priority to set the stage for meetings, connections, and collaboration between private sector parties.

Thailand is France’s third- largest trading partner in Asean. Mr Srettha said that under his administration, the country can and should become France’s largest partner in the region, Ms Radklao said.

There are around 30, 000 Thais living in France while some 40, 000 French nationals reside in Thailand, the second- highest number of French expats in Asia.

Last year, about 270, 000 tourists from France visited Thailand while France welcomed almost 200, 000 Thais.

Recently, the government launched its” Ignite Thailand” vision to establish the country as a global hub in eight sectors, including tourism, wellness &amp, medical, aviation and logistics.

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Commentary: Are we missing the point in the single-sex vs co-ed school debate?

Combined BENEFITS OF CO- ED Colleges

Nonetheless, some researchers argue that solitary- intercourse schools reinforce gender stereotypes. According to a 2011 content from the non-profit American Council for Coeducational Schooling, boys who spend more time with other kids become “increasingly aggressive” while ladies who combination with other girls become “more sex-typed”

The director of New South Wales ‘ Armidale School, a traditional all-boys class that became coed in 2016, stated in a media report about the state that the social atmosphere has improved and that the conversation between boys and girls has a tendency to isolate the less desired characteristics of both genders. &nbsp,

Co-ed schools, according to opponents, provide options for both women to work together as they are expected to do throughout their lives, making it easier for students to prepare for post-secondary tutoring and work.

Yet, some research suggests that inc- physician schools benefit males more than girls. Kids generally perform better in institutions with a higher percentage of girls, and boys read much when they are younger.

Although some studies indicate that girls are asked on less often and are less likely to take math and science topics and even leadership positions, educators would like to think they are reasonable.

A 2018 University of Queensland research found that single-sex school graduates are more self-assured than co-ed school graduates, and they are also more likely to carry leadership positions.

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