Cat licensing rules to start on Sep 1, with two-year transition period for owners to adapt

Cat licensing rules to start on Sep 1, with two-year transition period for owners to adapt

Also, cat owners are required to take reasonable precautions to protect their animals from danger and make sure they are kept in a secure environment. To stop the cat from scurrying or falling from level, mesh, bumpers, displays, or other barriers must be installed.

Cat users will also need to make sure their pets are kept in check when they are out in people. Users can use a strap or put their cat in a carrier to keep it from scurrying readily, for instance. &nbsp,


Reduced- income households can get help from AVS via its Pet Cat Sterilisation Support (PCSS) program, which will give completely sterilisation and microchipping. &nbsp,

By facilitating early intervention, the program aims to stop the unexpected rearing of pet animals belonging to households that are unable to obtain sterilization. Additionally, it aims to address the negative effects of the overpopulation of cats cats on dog welfare, according to AVS. &nbsp,

Starting September 1, more information about eligibility requirements and the registration procedure will be available.

During the change, rabbit fosterers will also receive assistance. As long as they can make sure the cats ‘ health and welfare are taken care of, they will be able to apply for license to use AVS’ Pet Animal Licensing System.

Fosterers are a significant part of kitten management, according to AVS. &nbsp,

” AVS will collaborate with HDB and other animal welfare organization partners to develop recommendations for cat fosterers and examine whether responsible fosterers who adhere to these guidelines may be permitted to keep more cat.” AVS may proceed with this in a series of steps and will provide more information as necessary,” it continued. &nbsp,

The model for cat administration was welcomed by the Cat Welfare Society.

” WS is pleased to see that the proposed registration terms generally conform to the concerned cat ownership recommendations we have advocated for. In an Instagram post, it stated,” We are pleased to see our work raise the minimum standards of care for pet cats in Singapore.” &nbsp,

The guidelines establish a standardized level of care and establishes clear standards for responsible cat rights, according to the recommendations. &nbsp,