Malaysia football: Mystery attacks on players overshadow season start

Malaysia football: Mystery attacks on players overshadow season start
Faisal Halim (file picture)Getty Images

Following a number of problems, serious concerns about player health are raising for Malaysia’s football season.

The national team’s first donation game of the season will be canceled on Friday due to the three national staff people who have been assaulted this month.

After an ammonia attack last weekend in a store, one of the victims, wing Faisal Halim, was left in critical situation.

Police have yet to create a goal, or whether the occurrences are linked.

Malaysia’s sports association has urged large- account players to get precautions, including hiring bodyguards.

After being sprayed with acids while shopping near Kuala Lumpur’s capital on May 5, Faisal Halim was seriously burned.

The 25- yr- ancient legend midfielder has since undergone body graft surgery. He is responding, according to sports officials, who still has him in intensive treatment.

According to local media reports, authorities are examining a suspect’s prints while they are at the store.

Akhyar Rashid

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Safiq Harim, 36, was unharmed in a separate incident when he was confronted by hammer-wielding people who had smashed into his car’s bonnet.

A second person, Akhyar Rashid, 26, was attacked by pirates outside his house.

The year- starting Charity Shield activity was cancelled on Friday, after Faisal’s team, Selangor FC, withdrew.

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