Nana wallet-snatcher falls off bridge during pursuit

Nana wallet-snatcher falls off bridge during pursuit

A victim chases a gentleman from Myanmar and causes severe injuries.

Nana wallet-snatcher falls off bridge during pursuit
A Burmese gentleman was hurt on Friday night when he attempted to flee to safety by climbing off a pedestrian bridge in Bangkok. ( Photo: FM91 Trafficpro )

Late on Friday, a wallet-snatcher attempted to flee capture by descending four meters from a motorist bridge only outside Sukhumvit Soi 2.

Around 11.30 p.m., Lumpini police station assistant investigator Noppha Thongbor learned that a 35-year-old Myanmar man had stolen an American tourist’s wallet in Soi Nana, Bangkok.

According to testimony information, the suspect managed to run up the steps to the bridge at Soi 2, but instead was caught as his victim followed, and was unable to provide a department store that was closed along the way.

The suspect next attempted to descend from the bridge, but he lost his balance and fell face first onto a steel challenge, according to witnesses.

The man suffered severe injuries after falling nearly four meters, necessitating that he be taken to Police General Hospital after police arrived on the scene.

Witnesses reported seeing the suspect being taken away with three stolen smartphones.

Once he leaves the hospital, he will be questioned.