Body of Singaporean woman found in Vietnam apartment

A Singaporean woman who was reportedly last seen in January was discovered dead in a Vietnam apartment on Thursday ( Jun 13 ).

The victim’s body was discovered at the Ho Chi Minh City condominium’s Goldview, according to Asian media.

The girl, who was not named, was last seen on Jan 31, Asian regular Nguoi Lao Dong&nbsp, reported.

The owner of the house found the body and alerted the condominium’s control commission. The officers were finally dispatched.

According to Asian media, the owner had not rented out the residence at the time of the next recorded use of the elevator access card on January 31. &nbsp,

In response to inquiries from CNA, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( MFA ) stated that its Consulate- General in Ho Chi Minh City has been in contact with the local authorities regarding the case.

The victim’s home has been receiving assistance and support from MFA and the Consulate-General.

A government spokesman said,” We express our deepest condolences to the family.” Because studies are pending, MFA is unable to comment further on the event.