Former Singapore Airlines flight attendant and husband open Taiwanese-style western hawker stall

Cherry chose to work for Duncan because she wanted to support his dream and” try something new,” even though she had to take at least a 50 % pay cut. She was “used to it when working as a house crew,” so she was “used to it” without the laborious days and protracted phases of position.

” I already did all the things I wanted to do … and had planned to leave my job at SIA, so even if I did n’t join my husband, I would have found another job”, she said.

” I also felt this ( was ) a way for us to work together. He handles the eating, while I take care of the sales and service. I think we make a nice team”.


She was n’t expecting that Duncan’s personality would be drastically different.

” I was surprised by how furious he is in the kitchen”, said Cherry. &nbsp,

Apparently, the usually convivial Duncan who” sa jiao ( acts cute ) at home” would often shout at her and scold her when she’s slow or gets the orders wrong. For example, he said he does n’t hesitate to yell “zou kai“! When Cherry is in his manner, Mandarin means “get out of the way.”

She was n’t exaggerating. When 8days visited the pair at their barn last year, we first witnessed how stern and threatening Duncan is when he’s in his aspect. Tempers flared and there’s no cutting of words&nbsp, it’s like watching Hell’s House, albeit on a smaller size. &nbsp,

” I am quite serious during food service because I am trying to get the food away. My meat is ready and I want to eat it, but if Cherry puts together the sides by 10, 15 ( seconds ), it will be overcooked and we ca n’t serve it to customers. I yell at her as she moves more quickly. I do n’t have time to be polite”, explained Duncan.

Thankfully Cherry is n’t too affected by this. &nbsp,

” I honor that the house is his domain. Moreover, Square trained me also. I am quite versatile because I have interacted with a wide range of people while working. This is nothing”, she laughed.

” Besides, he’s just furious in the kitchen. I call the shots at house”.

” Yes, when I go home, I have to wash the clothing and mop the floor”, quipped Duncan.