Backlash in mainland China over Taiwan comment by Nvidia’s Jensen Huang

Backlash in mainland China over Taiwan comment by Nvidia’s Jensen Huang

Semiconductor firm&nbsp, Nvidia Corp&nbsp, and its founder&nbsp, Jensen Huang&nbsp, have been targeted by furious Chinese people and a peninsula media outlet after Huang’s research to&nbsp, Taiwan&nbsp, as a” country”, with some calling for a ban of the business.

Last month, on his latest attend to Taiwan, Huang was seen touring a night market in Taipei. When asked about the importance of the area in an unexpected meeting that Taiwan’s Chinese Television System aired on May 29, Huang responded,” Taiwan is one of the most significant countries in the world. It is at the center of the electronics business”.

Huang, 61, was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States at the age of nine. In Taiwan, he has been&nbsp, treated like a music superstar, signing autographs and stopping for photographs.

In an article on Thursday ( Jun 6 ) that directly called Huang out, the mainland’s outlet said he “got too carried away”.

The article stated that” Nvidia is a strong software company that is willing to expand its island industry, but it’s not stronger than the emotions of 1.4 billion citizens, and island companies would never collaborate with any business that supports “taiwan self-reliance.”

It demanded that Huang clarify whether he had spoken incorrectly to “mainland colleagues and labor companions.”

As some web users also called for a protest, the media rose to the top of the list of most popular subjects on the blogging platform Weibo on Friday following the article.

One of the speakers remarked,” We does ban all Nvidia merchandise and any associated companies.”

You have no idea where their base line is, according to another commentator, “businessmen may just worry about income.”

” But at this period, we may hurt ourselves if we boycott Nvidia, because we need to concentrate on their cards. We need to be stronger or more we’ll face a dilemma”.