Millions of Chinese students start exams in biggest ‘gaokao’ ever

Millions of Chinese students start exams in biggest 'gaokao' ever

After taking their children to an exam hall on Friday ( Jun 7 ), the first day of China’s largest “gaokao,” tests that will determine the futures of millions of high school students, mothers in red dresses and fathers clutching umbrellas gathered together in drizzly Beijing.

The Ministry of Education has declared that 13 students will be taking the multi-subject gaokao set this year, which is expected to be a record high. 42 million individuals have registered for the high-stakes checks.

” People say that this is the launch of a living,” 50-year-old family Zhi Haihong told AFP. One don’t slack off, so to speak. “

Zhi took her daughter to the central Beijing assessment site in a standard qipao dress, hoping that the bright red color would bring good fortune.

China’s midterm drills high school students on topics including Chinese, English, mathematics, technology and arts, the results of which are essential for gaining entrance to college.

In China, high-level education has risen dramatically in recent years as kids ‘ expectations for their children’s careers have risen as a result of the economic growth.

As the nation’s second-largest economy struggles to accomplish a post-pandemic recovery, the job market for new graduates is no longer as red as it once was, with large youth unemployment a major issue.

When asked about the forces young people face, Zhi responded,” I think this is a required process of growing up.”

“( The gaokao ) is also a method for the country to select talented people,” she said.

” Just after undergoing force is one’s mental compassion increase. Then you will be able to handle these forces when you work in community in the future.

” I think this is apparent. “