At least 24 dead in eastern India as temperatures soar

At least 24 dead in eastern India as temperatures soar

The city park in Delhi relies on lakes and extinguishers to relieve its 1,200 occupants, where higher temperatures have been causing birds and wild monkeys to suffocate or become ill.

Sanjeet Kumar, the zoo’s chairman, informed ANI that the summer management diet includes a more liquid meal as well as all the seasonal fruits and vegetables that contain more water.

Delhi, which is expected to reach 43 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday, experienced its first heat-related death this week and is currently dealing with a severe water shortage.

Billions of people in Asia have been dealing with rising conditions, including those in India’s neighboring Pakistan, which experts claim has been caused by human-driven climate change.

As conditions soar, which reached 52.2 degrees Fahrenheit in Pakistan, there are also more bush fires occurring in India.

India has set a goal of becoming a net-zero transmitter by 2070, despite being the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases worldwide.

While some parts of the nation are experiencing warmth, the northern states of Manipur and Assam have experienced heavy snowfall after Cyclone Remal, with some areas being flooded on Friday.

Monsoon rains even reach the coast of the region’s southern Kerala state on Thursday, two days earlier than expected.