APU safeguards SMEs from cybersecurity risks with Cybersecurity as a service  

APU safeguards SMEs from cybersecurity risks with Cybersecurity as a service  
  • After discussions with Cybersecurity Malaysia &amp, MRANTI, a system was established.
  • introduced “Cybersecurity as a Service,” providing Business with high-quality, cheap consulting.

Eddie Chong (2nd from right) CEO of Pixalink, lauded FSeC-CaaS for its impeccable serviceability. He is accompanied by Prof Vinesh Thiruchelvam (3rd from right), CIEO of APU; Prof Simon Scott (right), director of Research & Innovation of APU; Dr Julia Juremi (3rd from left), head of FSeC; and Pixalink’s delegates (from left) Moses Lau Yi Hieng and Ching Cheng Kang.

The company community is especially vulnerable in a time when security challenges affect every industry. In a recent statement, Asia Pacific University of Technology &amp, Innovation ( APU) stated that the effects of an online cyberattack on an organization are not only immediate but also have the potential to have long-lasting effects.

Due to systematic cybersecurity attacks or risks, small and medium enterprises ( SMEs ) are particularly at risk, facing potential losses in competitive advantage, credit rating, and increased cyber insurance premiums. The Forensics and Cyber Security Research Centre ( FSeC ) at the university has taken the audacious step of introducing “Cybersecurity as a Service” ( CaaS ). This commercial response unit aims to give SMEs access to an affordable yet high-quality consultancy service.

This unit, which has established a new benchmark for industry-oriented consultancy services, was founded, according to APU, following discussions about FSeC’s strength with Cybersecurity Malaysia and the Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology &amp, Innovation ( MRANTI).

Professor Dr. Vinesh Thiruchelvam, the general innovation and enterprise commander of APU and FSeC advisor, is in charge of the case. ” FSeC- CaaS showcases APU’s intellectual prowess by delivering industry-level expert consultancy services based on commercial competency,” he claimed.

A penetration check for the startup’s first client, Pixalink Sdn, was just completed, marking a significant milestone. Bhd., a Malay SME that specializes in the cloud-based customer consolidation program” Explore.” Eddie Chong, the company’s CEO, praised FSeC- CaaS for its “impeccable serviceability.”

The strength of FSeC- CaaS lies in its committed group of security experts, who are joined by top-performing individuals from APU’s&nbsp,

programs for the Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in cybercrime. The group exemplifies FSeC’s dedication to providing graduates with hands-on experience in cybersecurity, privacy, and modern forensics.

Penetration tests, safety reviews, network configuration, and forensic analysis are just a few of the cybersecurity services provided to SMEs by FSeC-CaaS, which ventures outside of academia. FSeC- CaaS, a business among Malaysian higher education institutions, meets market demands for highly qualified cybersecurity workforce and services in addition to offering skilled training programs to APU students.

Explore the FSeC- CaaS website to find out more.