Accenture: ‘Human by Design’ technologies will reinvent industries, redefine leaders

Accenture: ‘Human by Design’ technologies will reinvent industries, redefine leaders
  • Accenture Technology Vision 2024 on AI &amp, another tech boosting people possible
  • Here comes geographical technology, universe, digital sisters and AR/VR technologies

Accenture: ‘Human by Design’ technologies will reinvent industries, redefine leaders

As AI and other disruptive technologies become” Human by Design” ( much more human-like and user-friendly ), according to new research from Accenture, we are in the middle of a significant technological shift that will bring about unprecedented productivity and creativity. Additionally, the study suggests that we are moving toward a planet where technology will become more omnipresent but also more visible as human-centric technology gain even greater capabilities, are easier to communicate with, and become even more easily embedded throughout every aspect of our lives.

Accenture’s Technology Vision 2024:” Human by Design: How AI Unleashes the Next Level of Human Potential” explores how after decades of hyperbolic technology, technology—especially conceptual AI—is becoming more people in its essence. And as technology becomes more human-centric, it significantly increases the capacity for people to expand their ability and completely re-invent company. According to Accenture research, generative AI has the potential to increase productivity across 900 different job categories and contribute to at least US$ 87 billion ( RM 37.92 trillion ) in global economic value.

Accenture: ‘Human by Design’ technologies will reinvent industries, redefine leaders” Generative AI will continue to be a foundation and a significant help in Malaysia’s labor transformation. This change will lead to a positive change for native skills because some organizations are eager to adopt AI and incorporate technology into their procedures. With the responsible implementation of AI, we can look forward to positive changes in the future of work enabled by’ human by design ‘ technologies”, said Azwan Baharuddin ( pic ), Accenture’s Country Managing Director for Malaysia.

The study identifies four important developments in the walk to “human by style” systems:

Our relationship with data is changing – and with it, how we think, work, and interact with technology. The entire basis of the digital enterprise is getting disrupted.

    A Match Made in AI: Redefining our connection with knowledge and reshaping how data is organized to facilitate human-like argument and actually imitate creativity. Instead of combing through mountains of search engine results, people will receive curated, personalized responses in the form of counsel, a description of a large collection of results, an article, an picture or even a piece of art.

Searching has transformed into a synthesizing operation, and business leaders who reevaluate how information flows within an organization and equip their staff with enterprise knowledge tools for exponential performance gains and competitive advantages.

96% of executives agree that leveraging AI agent ecosystems will be a significant opportunity for their organizations in the next three years.

    Imagine a world where AI-enabled agents work for individuals and are a part of an interconnected ecosystem, according to Meet My Agent: Ecosystems for AI. These automated agents not only assist and counsel us, but they also take decisive actions in our favor both in the digital and physical worlds.

Together, they increase the collective output of workers and provide significant value for participating businesses. In the next three years, 96 % of executives believe that using AI agent ecosystems will be a significant opportunity for their business.

Spatial computing could grow to be as groundbreaking as desktop and mobile, ushering in a new era of technology innovation.

  • The Space We Need: Creating value in new realities – creating rich, new immersive worlds of personal interaction by extending our physical, 2D worlds into new 3D environments created using spatial computing, metaverse, digital twins and AR/VR technologies.

Our digital and physical worlds will be fused in these new places and experiences, bringing us together in novel ways, stimulating innovation, and enhancing how we interact with, interact with, and learn. A third ( 33 % ) of consumers indicated they are using spatial computing technologies or devices for shopping today, or that they would like to do so.

There has been an uptick in consumer-oriented development in recent years, a strong signal that the “human interface” is heading for the mainstream.

    Our Bodies Electronic: A new human interface – using innovative, embedded technologies—such as AI- powered wearables, brain- sensing neurotech, and eye and movement tracking—to unlock a better understanding of us, our lives and our intentions and using those deeper insights to enhance the way we work and live.

According to 94 % of executives, human-machine interaction will be improved by better understanding behaviors and intentions.

Malaysia is prepared for technological advancement and innovation. In line with the government’s efforts to promote and make Malaysia a digital nation, we are moving in the right direction. The Malaysia Digital Initiative’s progress, which shows commitment to achieving greater heights with technology, is very encouraging, said Azwan.

Accenture has been conducting a thorough analysis of the enterprise landscape for 23 years to identify technology trends that have the greatest potential to disrupt businesses and sectors. Follow the conversation on Twitter with# TechVision.