PM orders agencies to review forest use requests

PM orders agencies to review forest use requests

PM orders agencies to review forest use requests
Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, is seen in Ratchaburi on Sunday. ( Photo: Government House )

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister of RATCHABURI, gave organizations the directive to survey people’s requests to use forest areas on Sunday as he vowed to protect the country’s forests.

Mr. Srettha argued that the government should take care of the issue of forest area apply because it requires a careful handling of this issue. However, the government also values improving people’s subsistence through property rights.

The provincial government Kiattisak Trongsiri presented him with a lecture while he was on his second day of a four-provincial tour in Ratchaburi.

Mr. Kiattisak presented the work schedule and projects that are “necessary for the development of Ratchaburi,” including those that cover requests to use jungle areas.

Of 5, 841 full calls, 293 were approved, 187 were rejected and 2, 961 are being processed. The other calls required more documents.

Authorities cited overlap in power and ambiguity in the status of forest lands as issues, according to the governor.

According to Mr. Srettha, calls for use of forest land must be reviewed and approved in accordance with the law, and he instructed the defense, the Interior Ministry, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to do so.

The prime minister did, however, warn against using laws that would rob the populace of the property needed to sustain their employment.

Mr. Srettha requested assistance from farmers ‘ ministries of crops and cooperative and commerce to improve the quality of local produce and expand the market for local produce and processed goods.

With a 20 billion bass yearly value, the country’s aromatic coconut sector, according to him, is one of its key economic crops, and because of this, Thailand’s aromatic coconut sector is highly popular abroad and among foreign visitors.

Mr. Srettha also recalled his trips to the state as part of a corporate social responsibility vacation while he was also employed in the private sector and the importance of reducing injustice by providing training options to children.

He claimed that more than 1 million children were being evicted from the educational system and that he had tried to persuade large businesses to offer young people opportunities for learning.

He claimed that because there was n’t a similar program, Ratchaburi was chosen by his former employer. He urged businesses to create Khao Hin Ngo Park in Muang and make it a statewide location to draw more visitors and improve the local market in the area.