Zurich Malaysia’s Takaful arms and AEON Bank partnership to create inclusive Islamic finance

Zurich Malaysia’s Takaful arms and AEON Bank partnership to create inclusive Islamic finance
  • committed to promoting digital-first protection products as financial implementation in Malaysia
  • The collaboration offers Shariah- cooperative solutions for customers ‘ economic, personal security

Junior Cho, country CEO/head of Zurich Malaysia (3rd from right) and Raja Teh Maimunah, CEO of Aeon Bank (3rd from left); alongside Shamsul Azman, CEO of Zurich General Takaful Malaysia (1st from right); Nur Fatihah Mustafa, authorised representative of Zurich Takaful Malaysia (2nd from right); Ajith Jayaram, chief strategy officer & head of Personal Banking of AEON Bank (1st from left); and Idham Baharum, treasurer of AEON Bank (2nd from left)

In a move towards financial inclusion aligned with Islamic banking principles, Zurich Malaysia through its family takaful business, Zurich Takaful Malaysia Berhad (ZTMB) and its general takaful business, Zurich General Takaful Malaysia Berhad ( ZGTMB) has entered into a strategic partnership with Aeon Bank ( M ) Berhad, Malaysia’s first Islamic digital bank.

The partnership between Zurich Malaysia and Aeon Bank shows that the two companies are working together to provide Syariah-compliant solutions to protect the personal and financial security of local customers. The bilateral agreement signifies all parties ‘ commitments to the emergence of financial implementation, which includes offering digital-first security products within Malaysia’s powerful Islamic finance ecosystem.

Shamsul Azman, CEO of ZGTMB, stated,” We are honoured to spearhead the takaful modernization for the region, leveraging on our worldwide network, local modern capabilities to grow takaful cover for all Malaysians. We’re delighted to take our Zurich Edge argument to Aeon Bank, enabling a smooth, tailored and more important person experience. &nbsp,

He added that the partnership between the business and Aeon Bank highlights its commitment to supporting Malay in protecting their assets and creating new opportunities for the growth of the Muslim banking business in the modern place.

Echoing this attitude, Nur Fatihah Mustafa, approved agent of ZTMB, said”, In this fast age of digitalisation, we at Zurich Malaysia are constantly on the lookout for partners that coincide with our brand campaign ethos to ‘ Care For What Matters’. &nbsp,

” Our collaboration with Aeon Bank represents a shared vision for promoting Syariah-compliant financial inclusion for Malaysians of all walks of life, not only for Islamic communities, but also for Malaysians of all kinds. Through this multi- year collaboration, we are ready to meet the dynamic needs of today’s digital- savvy customers and be at the forefront of digital innovation. There is no greater priority than protecting our loved ones and our families, and we’re excited and proud to be able to do this through our partnership with Aeon Bank,” she continued.

The CEO of AEON Bank, Raja Teh Maimunah, stated in a statement that his focus is on the expansion and development of Islamic digital banking.” This collaboration between Aeon Bank and Zurich Malaysia’s takaful arms reaffirms our efforts to provide Malaysians with accessible and inclusive Syariah-compliant takaful solutions. We notice a lack of micro coverage and protection on the market, so we aspire to make it easier for Malaysians to have access to affordable options. We also look forward to working with Zurich Malaysia to realize this shared commitment.