Zetrix and MaiCapital Ink MoU to launch virtual asset funds in HK

Zetrix and MaiCapital Ink MoU to launch virtual asset funds in HK
  • Consist of a box of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Zetrix
  • MYEG expands the range of digital property for investors through its MYEG platform.

(from left): Marco Lim, Managing Partner of MaiCapital Limited; TS Wong, Group MD of MY E.G. Services Bhd; and Dr. Liu Zhiwei, Chairman of GoFintech Innovation Limited, a Hong Kong PLC which is a shareholder of MaiCapital.

Zetrix Foundation and MY E. G. Services Bhd signed a MoU with MaiCapital, a Hong Kong-licensed virtual asset manager, to work together on the launch of a virtual asset fund or Hong Kong virtual assets exchange-traded fund ( ETF ) products.

The MoU focuses on a collaboration to issue a Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong ( SFC) approved ETF, which would consist of a basket of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Zetrix, and potentially other suitable cryptocurrencies.

This partnership follows MYEG- developed Zetrix’s news of a proper alliance with Web3Labs Hong Kong, a superstar in Web3 growth and expense, alongside venture capital firm Summer Capital. Collectively, they aim to push forward Hong Kong’s Web3 passions and place Zetrix as the desired blockchain infrastructure for software aligned with the Hong Kong government’s targets, an initiative launched earlier this year.

The SFC has begun granting certifications to a number of property managers in order to start the first place bitcoin and ethereum ETFs as a result of the cooperative effort between MYEG and MaiCapital. &nbsp,

The relationship, according to TS Wong, MYEG’s managing director, represents yet another significant step forward in the mainstream finance industry.

” MYEG is pleased to work with MaiCapital, a leading provider of virtual asset (VA ) fund services in Hong Kong, to expand our options for investors in terms of cryptocurrency virtual assets funds or ETF options. This collaboration aims to help investors reduce risk and uncertainty associated with owning a second cryptocurrency by offering investors more avenues for diversification across multiple cryptocurrencies.

Marco Lim, the controlling partner of Mai Capital Limited, says this engagement is a sign that Hong Kong’s accept of Web3 technology and its position as a gateway for innovation in this field is succeeding.

“VAs are a vital part of a lively Web3 ecosystem, and more and more top Web3 players are recognising Hong Kong’s liberal yet careful stance on Web3. Our latest MoU with Zetrix Foundation/MYEG is yet another bible”.