Yuntai: Hiker finds pipe feeding China’s tallest waterfall

Yuntai: Hiker finds pipe feeding China's tallest waterfall

In China, a discussion over a waterfall has sprang into social media, also giving the water body its own explanation.

A traveler posted a video showing a pipe drilled high into the rock face that was supplying the water from Yuntai Mountain Waterfall, which is billed as China’s tallest continuous river.

Since it was first posted on Monday, the picture has been viewed more than 70, 000 days.

The Yuntai Tourism Park’s owners claimed to have made the” little development” during the dry period to give visitors a sense of the worth of their visit.

“The one about how I went through all the hardship to the source of Yuntai Waterfall only to see a pipe,” the caption of the video posted by user “Farisvov” reads.

The phrase” the nature of Yuntai Waterfall is just some pipelines” started to gain popularity on social media.

It received nearly 10 million opinions on Douyin and over 14 million views on Weibo, which caused quite a stir that local government officials were sent to the area to look into it.

According to condition broadcaster Video, they asked the users to take away a lesson from the event and discuss the additions to visitors in advance.

Later, the park wrote on behalf of the waterfall,” I did n’t expect to meet everyone this way.

” As a seasonal scenery, I ca n’t guarantee that I will always be in my most beautiful form whenever you come to see me,” it continues.

” I added a little bit during the dry season just to look my best when meeting my companions.”

Located in central Henan state, the 312- inch Yuntai falls is located inside the Yuntai Mountain Geopark, a UNESCO Global Geopark.

More than a billion times of geological formations draw that millions of visitors annually, which draw them that.

Park officials told CCTV that the spring water they used to pump water into the falls was used, adding that it would n’t harm the surrounding natural landscape.

Some users of social media gave the impression that they were aware of the situation.

Does this people certainly have better things to do, asks the Yuntai Park resident? a post liked almost 40, 000 periods on Douyin reads.

” I think it’s a good thing to accomplish. If they end up seeing little it, “people may be disappointed,” a Weibo user said.

But there is also censure.

” It’s not respecting the natural order, and not respecting the tourists”, a Weibo user wrote.

” How could the No. be applied to it?” 1 river again”, another customer commented on Douyin.

This is not the first time unnatural methods have been used to “help” popular rivers.

A water escape job from a local dam has assisted Huangguoshu Waterfall, a well-known tourist location in the southwest of Guizhou province, in maintaining its circulation during the dry season since 2006.